Will Smith Reminds Jaden Who The FIRST Icon In The Family Was With A New Freestyle (Video)

For the Smith family, entertainment is the trade. In the last year, Jaden Smith has made some impressive music, even winning over some skeptics of the celebrity son to Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith. Jaden is serious about his musical craft, evident on last year’s SYRE. In two days (June 8), Jaden is releasing SYRE: The Electric Album.

On that first installment, Jaden released “Breakfast.” The song showed the 19-year-old “comin’ from the crown” and making a bid to be the sharpest MC in the family (which also includes sister, Willow Smith). “Slum Village with the feeling, get a beat / Bet you I’ma kill it / You ain’t ready for the realest high / Suck it right between the ceiling  / Look, my flow is sick as hell / I had to bail my baby out of jail / I’m doing me, and I do it well / You think I’m wack? Who are you to tell / All you hype boys silly / You a square like Piccadilly / I do not care how you feeling / I thought you knew I’m a villain / I don’t like it when these jokers lookin’ at me sideways / On a highway / ‘Cause you know, I’m ’bout to do it my way,” spit Jaden at the time, making the family proud.

Will Smith Says “The Beast Is Back” & Rips A New Freestyle (Video)

On the latest (and unofficial) remix to “Icon,” Will Smith appears for a bilingual fresh verse that gives his son some competitive smoke. “Boy, do you know why you was an icon living / You was born from an icon living / Messed around married me an icon living / Tequila, yeah we made some icon children,” the 49-year-old Smith raps, also delivering some of rhymes in Spanish. The song also features Nicky Jam who was attached to the first official remix of “Icon.” 

At a time when Rap competition (and beef) is very front-and-center in the conversation, this spirited blood-rivalry feels good. The man who sired the maker of Syre lets his son know (lovingly) that he still has plenty of gas in the tank, and will not just hand over the family torch. On Instagram, The Fresh Prince gave his royal son dap for the way he tackled the track. Last month, Will’s studio video showed that he’s yearning to rip mics and has bars ready.