9th Wonder Has Been Working With Smif-N-Wessun & The Album Is Done

Thirteen years ago, Buckshot and his Duck Down Music released three albums that would ultimately change the label’s course for years to come. Between June and September of 2005, Sean Price released Monkey Barz, Buckshot & 9th Wonder dropped Chemistry, and General Steele and Tek returned to their original stage name with Smif-n-Wessun: Reloaded. After a critically-acclaimed introduction in the ’90s, they were forced to drop the moniker after a cease-and-desist from gun-maker Smith & Wesson. Following label shifts, a “Cocoa Brovaz” tenure, and a lengthy hiatus from albums, the two Brooklyn, New York MCs were back in stride.

In addition to fully-producing Buck’s first solo offering since The B.D.I. Thug, emerging star 9th Wonder worked on all three of these releases. At the time, 9th was one-third of Little Brother—who dropped The Minstrel Show in the midst of that ’05 Duck Down trifecta. He, along with Soul Council co-pilot Khrysis, gave the label a new sound after a dozen years largely defined by Da Beatminerz productions. For their part, Evil Dee and Mr. Walt would release an official remix companion, Alter The Chemistry, in addition to contributing to Tek & Steele’s reunion affair. Out of this pivot for the four B.C.C. MCs, Sean Price, in particular, became a leading voice in the independent scene within East Coast Rap.

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After more than a dozen years, 9th and Smif-n-Wessun have reunited in a big way. This morning (July 19), 9th confirmed the completion of an album with the two Brooklyn MCs who are also co-founders of the Boot Camp Clik. The presently untitled project is a Soul Council production, the collective that includes 9th, Khrysis, Hi-Tek, Eric G., Kash, Amp, E. Jones, and Nottz—who first worked with Black Moon 15 years ago.

Last month, 9th Wonder produced a Rick Ross and Smif-n-Wessun collaboration, “Capone Suite,” for the 2018 Superfly soundtrack:

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Since Reloaded, Tek and Steele have released two albums (including a 2011 Pete Rock collaborative project) and pursued solo interests. 9th Wonder has produced for Erykah Badu and Kendrick Lamar, among many others. He and the Soul Council released Streams Of Thought, Vol. 1 with Black Thought earlier this year. That project is included in Ambrosia For Heads’ mid-year best-of list.