Boots Riley Is Staging A Coup At The Box Office And With A New Album (Audio)

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In 2012, The Coup released their sixth solo studio album with Sorry To Bother You. It marked the first time that the cult-lauded Oakland, California act used no samples in their music and all tracks were of live instrumentation. Now, six years later, Boots Riley’s band returns without DJ, Pam The Funkstress, who passed away late last year. The album and group revival happens as Boots is getting praised for taking a concept which began with the band (and also a book), and is captivating audiences at the cinema.

Released on July 6, via Annapurna Pictures, Sorry To Bother You is set in The Coup’s turf and follows the journey of a telemarketer who sells encyclopedia sets. So far, the film has gained praise, including a glowing New York Times review by A.O. Scott. Boots Riley, who directed it, is looking to parlay its success back to his musical group. The Coup is making a soundtrack surrounding the movie and the first single from the musical work has just been released.

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Titled “Oyahytt,” The Coup puts together a groovy effort featuring LaKeith Stanfield who portrays “Cassius Green,” the film’s lead character. Earlier this week, Boots confirmed the news of The Coup’s seventh LP:

While Stanfield is new to the mix, The Coup has worked with E-40 dating back to 1994’s acclaimed Genocide & Juice. Killer Mike appeared on the aforementioned ’12 affair.

The Coup’s Boots Riley Shares A Heartfelt Statement About Pam The Funkstress

Stanfield is a cast member (“Darius Epps”) in critically-acclaimed FX series Atlanta. The show received 16 Emmy nominations this week.

The last time Boots Riley released single was last year’s “Hit Or Miss” with Libretto.