Lupe Fiasco Explains In Detail Why JAY-Z Is The Greatest MC Of All-Time

Yesterday (July 2), Lupe Fiasco decided to shed some light on the MCs that he believes are the greatest rappers in history—including a definitive opinion on #1 in that category. Online, the conversation began after a fan asked Lupe straight up who he believes the greatest ever is.

The 1st & 15th label founder replied, “To me…I think all around factoring in all the tangibles and intangibles…JAY-Z is the GOAT…,” he wrote. “bars, sales, influence, swag, power, credibility, hits, beats, wife, longevity…I’m mean who else comes close?”

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When another user subsequently refuted the claim that Hov’s bars and lyrics were best, Lupe again defended the Brooklyn MC.

“I think the best rapper is undeterminable,” he replied to the assertion that “there are better rappers” than JAY-Z. “But just off bars alone Jay is still Top 3 and probably spent more time and Top 1 than anyone else.” That same tweeter then followed up, reasserting that Jay wins in every category except the art of rapping, which prompted Lupe to double down:

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Notably, JAY-Z executive produced Lu’s celebrated debut, 2006’s Food & Liquoreven though the Windy City spitter was on Atlantic at a time when Jay ran rival Def Jam Records.

When it comes to his Top 3, Lupe Fiasco offered two more names that many have among their greatest to ever get behind a mic. Nas and Eminem round out that trio. Interestingly, among today’s best, Lupe considers Kendrick Lamar a “top 40” rapper ever, explaining the reason he isn’t higher is because “it’s a lot of rappers that are super talented and can spit that come before him to me though no shade or hate just my personal opinion.”

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In typical Lupe fashion, during his recent string of tweets, he revealed that he’s no longer collaborating with other MCs in songs either as a feature himself or including them on his tracks. “Lol hear me & hear me good you will never hear me on a track with another rapper ever again,” he tweeted when a fan asked why he hadn’t put out an album with Nas yet. “Lol I don’t like doing features and I’ve done all the features I wanted to do it’s done, it’s done, it’s done. I work at SOSA everyday with some of the best MC’s in the world so I’m good.”

Earlier this year, Lupe Fiasco claimed that Kendrick Lamar wasn’t a “top tier lyricist.” In now-deleted tweets, he also asserted that K-Dot’s “All Stars” single artwork from the Black Panther soundtrack was “too close for comfort” to one of his cover mock-ups from 2017. “Damn, now I guess I need a new album cover,” he tweeted before admitting he felt “suspiciously delicious.”

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Lupe last released DROGAS Light one year ago.