Songstress Mereba Takes A 9th Wonder Beat On A Soulful & Personal Journey (Video)

Songstress Marian Mereba is unapologetic about following her intuitions and remaining her authentic self. This quality applies to life’s trials and her music. Latest video single “Black Truck” presents a multifaceted artist who intertwines Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul, and Folk storytelling.

After self-releasing music like her 2013 EP, Room For Living, Mereba is now signed to Interscope. However, her songwriting has only evolved. 9th Wonder produced the 2018 single named after a symbol of success to the singer. The highly-esteemed Hip-Hop producer has also balanced top-shelf R&B placements for nearly 15 years. Jamla Records’ founder has previously worked with Erykah Badu, Mary J. Blige, and Destiny’s Child, to name a few. Still, he gives something different in the beat to “Black Truck.” The soothing beat keeps the singer and her words in the driver’s seat, with a personal message that somehow feels relatable to all.

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In this inspirational message of perseverance, Mereba does not just vent to the listener. Instead, she invites them to accompany her on the journey to collect what is needed for self. She asks a Higher Power for mercy after a long and challenging road of judgement and setback. The poignant yet straightforward message and visual cues speak to the caliber of artistry present within her world; they lovingly command that you pay attention lest you miss the keys presented within.

The video opens with a scene seemingly out of a sleeping memory with her voice over it relaying a note to self about doing more. It then follows a chain of emotionally charged scenes that show the duality between following the light inside while surrounded by the darkness. The video ends in the same way it began, in the stillness of self-affirmation. Directed by Durimel, the visual depicts and pays homage to the ancestral tree of foundation under us all.