Quentin Miller Drops Hints About Writing For Drake & Kanye In His Funk Flex Freestyle (Video)

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Atlanta, Georgia MC Quentin Miller has seemingly been a ghostwriter whose name still haunts aspects of Drake’s career. Three years ago, Meek Mill first outed the rapper as one of Drake’s writers, after the two previously amicable rappers collaborated on “R.I.C.O.” A reference track of Miller rapping Drake’s early 2015 “10 Bands” was leaked by Funkmaster Flex. Miller then released a detailed statement, asserting himself as Drake’s collaborator—not his writer. In early 2017, Drake broke his silence (as far as interviews) on the situation. He told DJ Semtex that he “felt sorry” for Miller, and seemingly blamed Q’s then-managers DJ Drama and Don Cannon for a hand in creating a false and malicious narrative.

Although his name took the Internet by storm after Meek’s Funk Flex interview, Miller’s name seems to be rarely mentioned outside of Drake’s ever since the ’15 incident that Miller has stated, got physical. In early 2016, Q told VladTV about Meek and his crew physically assaulting him. “They caught me. We was walking. We was in L.A. I was walking to the Nike store and he approached me, and this was really my first time talking with Meek [Mill], and he basically told me that he didn’t appreciate the letter that I dropped and it made him seem like he was a liar and whatnot, and they f*ckin’ stole off on me in the Nike store and ran. I shed blood in the Nike store on Wilshire.”

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Miller remained relatively quiet since then, due to a car accident that resulted in getting his left foot amputated. Meanwhile, 2017 saw an increase of solo endeavors. Those began to structure Miller’s solo career, sans Drake. But 2018 has dragged Quentin Miller back into Drake feuding, thanks to Pusha-T’s fiery diss track, “The Story Of Adidon,” in which Pusha-T delivers the line, “It was written, like Nas, but it came from Quentin,” further suggesting Drake’s need of other writers to assist his craft.

Quentin Miller is now the latest guest on Funkmaster Flex’s freestyle series. He seems to direct subliminal messages regarding Drake and Kanye West over a Fugees’ instrumental. At the 1:56 mark, Miller spits a few lines alluding to Drake: “Where you been, where you been, QM?, Can you please come back with them hits again? / Name rings where I’m from to the 6, my friend / Why people know Calabasas exists, my friend.” In June of 2016, Drizzy released “4pm At Calabasas,” a verbal assault on Puff Daddy and Joe Budden. However, Drake also shouted out the luxury community in “10 Bands,” the same song where the Q.M. reference track comes from.

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At 2:24, Q.M. raps, “Every once in a moon real ones make it through / I was home-schooled, how I’m getting in these rooms talking to these dudes? / No hit records / But well respected / Ni**a, 1-3-1-7.” At the 2:56 mark of his freestyle, Miller then proceeds to drop hints about his involvement with Kanye’s writing process, spitting: “Plant seeds and watch trees grow / 2018, KIDS SEE GHOSTS.” That, of course, is Ye and Kid Cudi’s summer release.

Miller also made a recent appearance on Complex‘s Everyday Struggle that shined more light on his relationships with Drake and Pusha-T, and why he couldn’t pick a side during the rapper beef.

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Regardless of Quentin Miller’s writing-for-hire history, the rapper dropped a solo album on July 13, simply called Q.M. on 1317 Recordings. His loosie, “Destiny (Freestyle),” also addressed Pusha-T and Drake beef, stating “I am not upset, jokes on you, I still got a check.”

#BonusBeat: This 2017 TBD episode examines the up-side of ghostwriting in Hip-Hop: