Pusha-T Accuses Drake Of Fathering A Child He Abandoned (Audio)

In the last 24 hours, Pusha-T upped the ante in a longstanding beef with Drake. The release of “The Story Of Adidon” took a conflict that sprung out of a dozen-year-old Clipse vs. Lil Wayne problem and mentioned Drake’s father, mother, and an alleged lover and child—who Pusha claims is named Adonis. The Bronx, New York-born, Virginia-representative claims he is playing by Drake’s rules after May 25’s “Duppy Freestyle” mentioned Pusha’s fiancée by name. In addition to the family shots and ugly personal attacks, the 41-year-old G.O.O.D. Music President accuses the multi-racial Drake of conveniently using his Black heritage. The diss came with an older photograph of Drake in blackface and wearing a Jim Crow t-shirt.

Appearing on this morning’s (May 30) episode of The Breakfast Club, Pusha-T is adamant that the photograph is real. Notably, the shot taken by Canadian photographer David Leyes (and since removed from his website portfolio) was also removed from  Push’s Instagram post. Leyes publicly contacted Pusha’s manager, Steven Victor, and requested it be taken down.

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On this morning’s Breakfast Club, Pusha blamed Drake for this beef reaching a new level of ugly. “Listen, all bets are off [because he mentioned my fiancée’s name]. That alone causes all bets to be off [and now everything is] fair game.” Push’ moved into the artwork, mentioning Leyes. “I guess Drake took those pictures a little while ago. They said it was his idea, something he wanted to do.” Pusha’s choice of artwork has been cutting lately. Some members of Whitney Houston’s family have expressed “disappointment” towards the choice of DAYTONA artwork. On the album, the MC released last Friday (May 25), the cover is an early 2000s photograph of a drug and cigarette-cluttered countertop in the late Houston’s bathroom.

Charlamagne points out that in Push’s “Infrared” diss, also released Friday, he accused Drake of being a minstrel with “I don’t tap-dance for the crackers and sing ‘Mammy.’” The Re-Up Gang member announced, “I’m prepared for everything. But I need a few answers. Like, I need to really understand what makes you take a picture like that. Like, what’s the problem?” Pusha then moved onto the reports of Drake’s child, which began with a TMZ story last year. “Even the baby thing is a little crazy. Who rolled out that child with a sweatsuit? Get out of here. What are you doing?” Charlamagne admits he did not understand that line in the latest diss. T explains, “His new line at Adidas is called ‘Adidon,’ which is named after Adonis, his son. But we couldn’t know about your child until you start sellin’ sweatsuits and sneakers?” Pusha, who has partnered with Adidas in the last two years, says “we don’t know” if Drake is—as he put it—a “deadbeat dad.” TMZ reported in 2017 that Drake told his former lover to get an abortion and denied claims that he was the father.

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Pusha-T does not say how long he has held onto this newly-released information, but admits, “Come on, man. We’re calculated; you gotta live a calculated life. That’s it.” Angela Yee points out the diss came on the eve of World Multiple Sclerosis Day (May 30), which Noah “40” Shebib also has stated. In “The Story Of Adidon,” Pusha-T made light of 40 looking sick and questioned how much longer the OVO executive will live. “Wow, that’s ironic,” replies Pusha to 40’s point. Moments later, he states, “I’m here for the sport of it, but when it gets personal, it gets personal…I definitely didn’t go too far with anything,” adding that he has “more content for me, later.”

T is adamant that unlike his opponent, “I don’t have any skeletons. It is what it is.” Drake has previously made light of T’s sales, accused him of exaggerating his drug-dealing past, and teased him about being signed to Kanye West, who is younger.

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As Drake plans to release Scorpion next month, Pusha-T sees his opponent as having a lot of explaining to do. “We talked about the ghostwriting allegations, alright, cool. We off that. Now you get to the mimicking of the Black culture—blackface, I’m not ready to excuse that. I’m not really ready to excuse you talkin’ multi-millionaire songs to me and you tuckin’ a baby. I’m not with all of that. I don’t even hang with my friends who have child [support issues],” Pusha-T declares. Charlamagne jokes that Pusha condemns that but ignores hanging out with drug-dealers. “Exactly. I’m big on kids. For real.” responds the MC who on 2015’s “Keep Dealing” bluntly rapped, “I think I paid for too many abortions.

In the closing minutes of the clip, Pusha-T expressed regret for bringing Quentin Miller back into beef. He calls the Atlanta, Georgia MC talented and suggests he is pigeonholed in the industry since Meek Mill first outed him as a writer for Drake in 2015.