Redman Gets The Party Started For His Muddy Waters Sequel In His Latest Video

Despite having almost 30 years in the Rap game under his belt, Redman maintains his star-power by approaching his projects with a rookie-like energy. Through staying active and enthusiastic, the Funk Doc has shown his witty wordplay to a new generation of fans—despite just a few projects in recent years. However, Heads can anticipate that Red’ will be in vintage form on his upcoming Muddy Waters Too, the album sequel to his beloved 1996 gem, Muddy Waters

Since last month, the Brick City MC has released two singles to promote the forthcoming project: “I Love Hip Hop” and “YA!” Although the latter is not confirmed to be on M.W.T., the single associated with its movement has a new music video to match his unhinged personality and deft lyricism.

Redman Releases A Song About Why We All Love Hip Hop (Video)

The video begins with a close-up shot of the How High? star. He is in his uniform of cornrow braids, backward ball-cap, backpack, and shades. The visual matches the intensity of the resounding bassline and drum beat with three female dancers in a grimy storage unit. Similar to the videos for his songs “Pick It Up” and “Let’s Get Dirty,” Red’ is joined by his crew who comes in bouncing like a crazy flash-mob, ready to party and let the good times roll.

For his current “Muddy Waters Too Movement,” Reggie sticks to the formula that built his brand and maintained his respected longevity. He’s steadfast in offering vivid and grotesque imagery in his bars, humor, all while taking pride in his blue-collar “Brick City” New Jersey roots. Along the way, the amicable Def Squad MC pays homage to his Rap influences as the legendary MC that he is.