Wu-Tang Is For The Children…And Now It’s For The Climate Too (Video)

“When it comes to the children, Wu-Tang is for the children. We teach the children.” Back in 1998, Ol’ Dirty Bastard stormed the stage during the Grammy Awards and interrupted the acceptance speech for Song Of The Year with those words. Since then, the phrase “Wu-Tang is for the children” has become iconic and taken on a life of its own. It has been the source of countless memes, punchlines and more. Recently, however, an artist who was inspired by Wu-Tang Clan took the turn of phrase to a deeper place and created a work of art that merged the legendary Wu “W” logo with one of the most important issues facing all children on Earth: climate change.

On June 30, Staten Island artist Cody Prez unveiled a 2000-square foot mural he had been working on for the past year. Titled “Climate Change Ain’t Nothing To Mess With,” an ode to a classic Wu song from their debut album, Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), the painting portrayed the Wu logo as a massive storm that was threatening the Earth’s existence. In an interview with Staten Island Live, Cody said of the mural “The inspiration came from the itch to paint something, you know, listening to some Wu-Tang in the house and watching the news. I like to send a message with my art. I want to put the message out there that pain can actually be turned into something prettier.” Prez also clarified that his work truly was intended for the children, saying “We want to inspire the youth more than the adults. They’re the future lawmakers. They’re the future choice providers as far as where we’re going to continue to live on as a culture.”

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In a video produced by the New York Daily News, longtime and close Wu-affiliate, Redman, said of Prez’s mural “When it was first presented to me, I thought it was a fabulous, fabulous idea of how the Wu-Tang symbol was intertwined with climate control. And, at the end of the day, Wu-Tang has always been for the children, and this is a perfect match of bringing awareness to the kids about their future and their kids’ future. So, when I seen the painting, it was just a go for me.”

Redman was not the only Wu-Tang affiliate to co-sign the mural. Mathematics, RZA’s brother and the designer of the famous Wu-Tang logo, stopped by to see the painting and gave it his seal of approval. Prez also said to the Daily News that “guys from the Clan loved it. It was an awesome feeling to have appreciation from such iconic people.”

The “Climate Change Ain’t Nothing To Mess With” mural is available for all to see at the Richmond Hood Company’s headquarters at Staten Island’s Artist Alley–827 Castleton Ave, Staten Island, NY.