Ab-Soul Exhales A Dope Verse In A Hot Box Collaboration With B-Real (Video)

B-Real has kept himself current over the years with his Smokebox web series and by keeping his finger on the pulse. He continues to work with young and up-and-coming artists year and year out. And as of 2017, he is in three super-groups, which include Cypress Hill, Serial Killers, and Prophets Of Rage, not to mention his three joint albums with fellow weed entrepreneur/MC, Berner.

In 2015 he dropped his sixth solo mixtape, The Prescription. While not an official studio album, the offering was all original tracks and featured popular names like A$AP Ferg, Ab-Soul, Dizzy Wright, and B’s Serial Killers compadre, Demrick. Well, it may have taken a few years, but Hip-Hop’s original herbal activist has deemed the summer of 2018 the right time to drop his animated video for “Stix N Stones.” Perhaps the animated visual comes just as Dr. Greenthumb opens his Los Angeles dispensary.

B-Real’s Next Solo Album Will Be Produced By Scott Storch

This cut with Ab-Soul is a stoner anthem that brings together two generations of West Coast kings. Cypress Hill’s lead MC flexes his deep knowledge of marijuana culture by mentioning everything from his favorite current strain (Jet Fuel) to the nail on his dab rig, to the proper dispensary term for weed (flowers). However, it’s Soulo’s densely packed stanza that makes this song worth peeping multiple times. He launches into his verse with, “Everywhere I go I’m smokin’ dope / Is my name So High or is it Soul-o? / When you on top of the game, they want you to throw ‘em rope / You get hung trying to hang out / I’m Willie Lynch in reverse / You showboat, but should’a bought a yacht first / When the loud around, you in the death row like a Pac verse.”

The almost droning beat produced by longtime TDE affiliate Taebeast gives the rappers plenty of space to spread out. The sound effects and ad-libs on this track make it a perfect choice for animation and the Shadow Council do a solid job of translating the song’s hazy lyrics. Keep an eye out for the Cheech & Chong statues on Dr. Greenthumb’s desk.

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#BonusBeat: DJ Muggs and Eto also released the “Ducksauce” video this week: