Bun B, T.I. & Big K.R.I.T. Are 3 Southern Rap Kings & You Better Recognize (Video)

Bun B has long had the respect of Heads, but his solo work both during Pimp C’s incarceration and after his passing have raised him up to the status of Southern Rap godfather. His Trill series of albums was supposed to be complete as a trilogy, but there were so many good tracks from the third installment, 2010’s Trill O.G., that Bun and J. Prince would eventually release another full album from the recording sessions, 2013’s Trill O.G.: The Epilogue. So, simple math should make it apparent that one half of the legendary UGK has not hit the studio with the aim of producing a new album in almost a decade.

Not that he has been absent from the scene, as recent guest spots on albums by Anti-Hero, Flatbush Zombies, Beatnick & K-Salaam, and Kodak Black prove he is still very much a factor in the game. So, listeners should be eagerly anticipating what this Texas lyricist has cooked up for his upcoming album  Return Of The Trill, which will be released tomorrow (August 31). His brand new video for the summer single “Recognize” features Bun in fine form, Big K.R.I.T. crooning the hook, and T.I. kicking an exceptional verse.

Bun B Has A Very Trill Conversation About Quitting Unhealthy & Deadly Habits (Video)

A matured Bun spits bars befitting of a college professor while sitting on a gold throne, “I’m just out here trying to educate / Build you up, mayne, and elevate / Lift you up until you levitate / Expediate this sh*t up to a better rate / Ignorance tend to hesitate / F*ck it, then we gone’ let ‘em wait.” The album may be called Return of the Trill, but it’s clear the Trillest never left.

T.I. obviously felt the pressure to drop some knowledge after B’s lil’ lesson because he closes out the cut with these gems, “Government’s playin’ / Fencing us in / Life in the pen / For selling sh*t you put in our hood / Knowing that’d do it / We desperate, starvin’ and dyin’ to eat / Die in the street / For a fraction of what I get now for soundin’ fly on the beat / I’m the anomaly / Honestly, you should honor me / But how can I act like I’m the sh*t like wasn’t no one in front of me? / How can I not acknowledge all the pimpin’ and what it done for me / Okay, listen fella / Never ever disrespect the predecessors.” Trap stars and brash youngins take note.