Casanova & DJ Premier Make Haters Think Twice About What They Say (Video)

Casanova 2X is the type of hard-nosed East Coast MC that always seems to seek out the sounds of DJ Premier. The Brooklyn, New Yorker’s mic style can be traced to artists such as M.O.P., The LOX, Bumpy Knuckles, Screwball, and Non-Phixion. The artist that Memphis Bleek ushered into Roc Nation is all about boisterous bars and play-no-games antics.

After he released his debut EP Commissary in July, the muscle-bound rapper has built a substantial buzz for himself. One of the singles from his project that has gained traction is his DJ Premier-produced “Wut U Said?” The song’s instrumental packs Preemo’s trademark punchy bass drums, spatial low octave piano stabs, and eerie violin strings to underscore Casanova’s fierce growls and bombastic threats for the song’s chorus.

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The visual has the skully cap-clad Casanova’s enemy tied up in a chair getting something just short of the Reservoir Dogs treatment. Meanwhile, Premier hovers his pair of turntables in the background as adds to reenact the scratches on the track.

The video was directed by legendary Hip-Hop photographer Danny Hastings, who shot the cover photos of many seminal rap albums such as Wu-Tang Clan’s Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers, Gang Starr’s Hard To Earn, Big Pun’s Capital Punishment, and Eminem’s The Slim Shady LP to name a few. Hastings, director of over 50 rap videos in his career, said that he wanted to revive the feeling of ’90s Rap in the “Wut U Said?” video.

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“I went back to my ’90s style of shooting, edgy and raw,” said Hastings of the Payday Records a la carter single in a four-part series. “The fans are going to go nuts when they see this video because I captured the soul of the song and put it into a visual composition, it has that Danny Hastings signature all over.”

Premier explained the treatment for the video even further. “Danny Hastings came up with the concept of Casanova being tied up and he eventually breaks himself free and then ties up the enemy as a revenge,” said Preemo. “Cas wasn’t with being tied up [Laughs] so we had to work around it. We were supposed to shoot this video two months ago but my dad passed. Cas has a dope demeanor in front of a camera, on stage and in person; so the video accompanied the song very effectively.”

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In this three-plus minute video, Casanova walks it just like the MC talks it.

#BonusBeat: In March, DJ Premier spoke at length to Ambrosia For Heads in his studio about the 20th anniversary of Gang Starr’s Moment Of Truth: