Freddie Gibbs Plays One Crazy & Playalistic Uncle In His Latest Video

In recent months, Freddie Gibbs has gone from Gangsta Gibbs to well… just “Freddie.” The Gary, Indiana MC, whose last few albums have brandished street life and many a thug tale, has softened his approach up a bit. His recently self-released Freddie album plays on Teddy Pendergrass’ eponymous 1979 LP, artwork and all. Even though the ESGN founder is showing some new dimensions in his branding and humor, that razor sharp flow and hard-nosed imagery are still there.

What never seems to change is Gibbs’ zeal for presenting his music in cinematic form, and he does that once again with his latest visual. Directed by Ben “Lambo” Lambert and Trevor Penick, “Automatic” has Freddie taking on a new persona: “Uncle Fred.”

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In the video, “Unc” has to take care of his young nephew, who’s just about as witty as the old man charged with babysitting him. Subsequently, the two ditch any form of responsibility and attempt to find some women to party with. What ensues is pure comedy. It’s also funny to hear Gangsta Gibbs talk his talk as a senior citizen with flooding pants, a cardigan, and a button-down shirt. “Got my house and my whip and your b*tch,” he raps. “And this drip on my neck and my wrist off that powder sh*t.

The video release is just the latest in quite a few drops Freddie Gibbs has made over the past few months. Diehard Gibbs fans are also still anxious for Gibbs and Madlib’s (MadGibbs’) long-awaited second collaborative LP, Bandana. In the last month, Gibbs said that LP is finished recording.

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#BonusBeat: Freddie Gibbs’ new single, “Burn Rubber”: