Killer Mike Is Running Fine Art Now Too

In the world of visual and fine art, some if not all topics of discussion revolve around the grey area between traditional and nontraditional forms of art. Museum culture is often depicted as intensely exclusive with a missing link to the world of music, specifically in Hip-Hop. In recent years, demonstrations to break down the wall between music and fine art shot up in the public eye. Last Spring (May 18, 2017), Solange Knowles popularized this movement with An Ode To, a performance of a selection of songs off her Grammy award-winning album, A Seat At The Table which she executed inside of New York’s Guggenheim Museum. The movement followed up with Beyoncé and JAY-Z’s “Ape Sh*t” video being recorded in the Louvre. The Hip-Hop power couple not only had dancers replicate famous paintings, but also decorated themselves in fine art influences.

This past Tuesday (August 7, 2018) Atlanta’s High Museum expanded this practice by welcoming half of Run The Jewels’ Killer Mike to its Board of Directors.

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In recent years, the Atlanta, Georgia native has been quite outspoken about improving the city for its residents. Killer Mike crossed over into the world of politics and activism during the 2016 Presidential race, campaigning alongside Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. With a mission to bring visibility to the hardships Black citizens face while existing in America, it is no surprise that Mike carried this same energy and perspective to the world of fine art.

Killer Mike has great intentions to bridge the gap between his home and the museum. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Mike states that he’s, “looking forward to seeing more people from [his] part of town, people who look like [him], at the High.” Despite being widely known as an MC, Killer Mike has roots in visual art, having taking weekend art classes at the High Museum in his youth. Mike goes on to explain to the AJC that he is “a product of the arts programming at the Atlanta public school system,” so it seems his effort and involvement in visual art is coming full circle. The excitement for the new addition to the High is not one-sided. “We’re thrilled to add these community leaders to our board,” said the High’s director Rand Suffolk to the newspaper. “Together they’ll bring extraordinary new perspectives, voices, and talents to bear on our mission.”

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The High Museum is enforcing the part of its mission to attract a broader demographic to the museum, and Killer Mike is furthering this gesture to into reality. “I’m looking forward to seeing more people from my part of town, people who look like me, at the High,” he said. “I think you will see the High Museum in a Rap video very soon.”

The Southern Rapper took some time out to discuss his new artistic endeavor with local news outlet 11 Alive in Atlanta, Georgia. Check it out below: