Killer Mike & Bernie Sanders Talk Shop in 6-Episode Mini-Series (Video)

After formally endorsing presidential candidate Bernie Sanders last month, Killer Mike (born Michael Render) has been promoting the Vermont senator’s politics and campaign promises in an effort to galvanize American voters to rally support. In his introductory speech at a Sanders rally in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, Render called Senator Sanders a “revolutionary” and urged all who could hear the sound of his voice to help change the country by getting out and voting. Render’s social media feeds have been filled with politically charged discussions, and the pairing of the two seemingly unlikely partners is an image that represents one of Hip-Hop’s biggest moments of the year. And now, Render and Sanders have released a series of conversations that took place at Render’s barber shop, and although the two don’t agree on every point, the uncut discussions are a powerful testament to the power of political discourse.

Titled “Talking Shop with Bernie Sanders,” today’s release is a collection of micro-conversations that took place on November 23 (their first in-person meeting), and each episode is titled after the topic at hand. “Economic Freedom,” “Social Justice,” “A Rigged Economy,” “Free Health Care: It Ain’t a Big Deal,” “This Country Was Started as an Act of Political Protest,” and “Democrats Win When People Vote” offer up Sanders’ responses to Render’s line of questioning about a vast array of topics, but all of them are related back to making the United States a more progressive, just, and healthier place for future generations. From defining socialism to touching upon the Black Lives Matter movement, the two leave no stone unturned, and the result is an unusually intimate look into the thoughts of a person who could possibly be the next president. Check out Episode 1 below on YouTube, where all six are available for viewing.

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