Mac Miller Rocks The Mic On The Spot To A Thundercat Beat (Video)

Mac Miller is set to release his fifth solo studio album Swimming tomorrow (August 3), but he’s giving fans a little something extra and early. The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native MC/producer dropped a video titled “Inertia,” which shows him spitting some heat to a fast-paced beat that is produced by Thundercat (Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, Ty Dolla $ign).

Out of body, got my soul swimming / Ain’t no different good, heck, keep my toes twitching / You know Larry been fishing since he in the womb / This the scoop I’m the big dipper you the little spoon,” he raps on the track. He also throws his weight around with a little bravado: “I’m the moon to the sun, how I birth ya / Turn ya, back to your old ways, reverse ya,” he raps. “Curse ya, witchcraft / You get nothin’ but a whole lot of nothin’ with yo’ mothaf*ckin’ b*tch ass.

Mac Miller Is Back From The Dead With A New Video & Album Coming

Before the freestyle, Mac plays around on his keyboard and does a mic check in preparation for what he’s about to spit. “Inertia” is just the latest piece of content Mac Miller’s dropped. He recently announced his “Swimming Tour,” which is slated to kick off toward the end of October. He’ll be joined by J.I.D. and Thundercat, who both contributed to Mac’s forthcoming album. He also released a trio of songs toward the end of May and a video that portrays him coming back from the dead.

Previously, Thundercat worked with Mac on Live From Space, Faces, and 2015’s GO:OD AM. Swimming drops at midnight.