Redman Releases A New Song That Sounds Like 1990 In All The Best Ways (Audio)

Redman’s “Muddy Waters Too Movement” continues. Funk Doc is gearing up for the long-awaited sequel to his 1996 landmark third LP. Following the recent video drops “Ya!” and “I Love Hip Hop,” the promotional push for the upcoming album continues with “1990 NOW.”

This Gilla House Records single, produced by Vinyl Frontiers, is the perfect vessel to travel back to a definitive period of Reggie Noble’s career. The decorated veteran says that his sound is a fusion of the decade that made him a fan favorite in Rap and present-day.

Redman Gets The Party Started For His Muddy Waters Sequel In His Latest Video

The MC stands apart from the pack. “I ain’t talkin’ Lambo’s and F1’s / More like Rakim and KRS-One / I’m killin’ ’em, you can keep your money / A boss need a big desk just to write the check on / I know I’m difficult / Rap got typical / But I got visual to Bam, like Bigelow,” he spits over the beat with some Crystal Waters-era House tinges. Besides Kris and Ra’, Red’ shouts out a number of other MCs that influenced him as well as his peers with enduring careers into today, such as Kool G Rap and CeeLo Green.

For more than 25 years, the Brick City giant has been a brand Hip-Hop Heads can trust. Even on a single where he’s partially taking us back, Redman is still carrying the culture forward.