Redman Brings 1990 Hip-Hop To The Present & It Sounds So Beautiful (Video)

Late last week, Redman released his latest single, “1990 NOW.” In the song, Reggie Noble delights in making the kind of Hip-Hop that influenced him to grab the microphone, and tell millions of fans when it was “Time 4 Sumaksion.” The Newark, New Jersey star MC has commanded the masses ever since.

Like all of the recent looks from his Muddy Waters Too Movement campaign towards his next album, Funk Doc wastes no time getting to the visual. Redman knows how to party. The “1990 NOW” video finds the Def Squad MC with the beaming smile throwing a house party. A lazy afternoon leads to a few phone calls, and eventually, a DJ, some friends, and some dancing ladies show up. There, Red’ delivers his verses with joy, while blowing a little smoke, dancing, and admiring other bodies in motion from the floor.

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And just like the good ol’ days, the two turntables, speakers, lights, and movement causes the power to go out. However, the charged up march towards Redman’s sequel to his 1996 LP is glowing brightly. Throughout the visual, Reggie Noble kicks some of his finest bars of 2-0-1-8, including: “When I hit the Rap game, where the f*ck where you, ’92; I was G Rap-cool on camera / Was all in the zone like Deion Sanders / New ni**as hate that / Old ni**as make that / That’s like a Maybach / Built with an 8-Track / Scrubs, they get AJAX A-sap / Ni**as, who wouldn’t squeeze a mayonnaise pack / Seventies; I was Commodores and Whispers / Rival gangs like Cowboys n’ Pittsburgh / When I was putting up Muddy Waters stickers / You was a young cat, trying to meet Big Bird.

This record, produced by Vinyl Frontiers, is part of Red’s new partnership between Gilla House and Riveting Music.

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#BonusBeat: Last year, Red’s Gilla House artist Saukrates released a new mix to his “Hate Runs Deep” single:

This video is part of Ambrosia For Heads‘ “Now You See Me” series.