The D.O.C. Sings Beautifully In A Video That Shows Anything Is Possible.

For decades, Hip-Hop Heads have known that The D.O.C. has a golden pen. The Dallas, Texas native MC is credited with writing songs and lyrics for Dr. Dre and other artists on Death Row and Ruthless Records. However, in the 1980s, the artist born Tracy Curry was a rapper with a voice just as potent as his pen-and-pad.

In November of 1989, the Ruthless Records sensation was leaving a video shoot from his recently-released No One Can Do It Better. Reportedly asleep behind the wheel, D.O.C.’s brand new sports car left the Ventura Highway, en route to the rapper’s Calabasas home. Hip-Hop may have been forever changed, as glass shards cut the rapper’s vocal cords, seemingly altering his voice forever.

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After recovering his body, The D.O.C. soon left Eazy-E’s Ruthless Records. He was in the founding committee with Dr. Dre and Suge Knight that launched what would eventually become Death Row. By the mid-1990s, The D.O.C. left Death Row. He was working with MC Breed, living in Atlanta, Georgia, and fathered a child by Erykah Badu. Signing with Giant/Warner Bros., The D.O.C. released his second and third albums (Helter Skelter and Deuce, respectively) between 1996 and 2003. While his voice was raspy and strained, the former member of the Fila Fresh Crew laced up as best as he could on the M-I-C. In that time, the rapper also worked with Dr. Dre on 2001, and groomed some Aftermath Entertainment talent.

Three years ago this month, The D.O.C. revealed to journalist Chad M. Kiser that his voice was healing, with a brief demonstration. He later told WHOMAG?TV that he discovered his ability to manipulate his chords when he was yawning.

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In a new, two-part video posted on Instagram by Erykah Badu, The D.O.C. sings an excerpt of Earth Wind & Fire’s “After The Love Has Gone.” While driving, he displays the current, revitalized condition of his voice through song and melody.

Less than a year ago, The D.O.C. discussed his Rap idol, Rakim. With a photograph of the pair in the studio together, the veteran MC suggested that a collaboration was in the works. Given the progress the rapper is making, that truly is music to fans’ ears.

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In the last two years, The Doc (as he is also referred to) has worked with Bishop Lamont and B-Real, as well as Above The Law’s Cold 187um and Ice Cube.