Tragedy Khadafi Says Marley Marl Did Him Dirty. His New Song Tells All (Audio Premiere)

Tragedy Khadafi (fka The Intelligent Hoodlum) has been releasing music steadily over the three decades but it’s been nearly four years since he released his last solo album. That’s all changing now though. The Queensbridge legend has been in the booth heavy since 2014’s Pre Magnum Opus and is slated to return with his eighth solo studio LP, Immortal Titans. It is produced by Amityville, Long Island’s BP (9th Prince, Ras Kass, Killah Priest).

Before that though, Trag’ is giving Ambrosia For Heads and fans an opportunity to hear a little of what’s to come in the form of a single – and he’s describing it as a “tell all.” It’s based off of Tragedy’s rather rocky relationship over the years with fellow QB’er Marley Marl, a man he’s previously touted as his mentor and even the person who gave him his rap moniker (post-Intelligent Hoodlum). Marley also served as a producer and founding member of the New Jersey Hip-Hop group Lords Of The Underground, which Trag claims Marley described as his “own idea.” In Khadafi’s new single “Story Never Told,” he relays one of the major sticking points he has in his tensions with his “idol” and claims the idea of L.O.T.U.G. was actually his.

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Look at young blood, riding shotgun with his idol / With a clap-form live with my hand on The Bible,” he raps on the track. “Peep the landscape, feeling free, I could relate / Fresh home, on parole just feeling the grace / In my seat reclining making motion the interstate / told Marley my idea of a group and a sound / And once I found them I’m naming them Lords Of The Underground.” He would go on to describe Marley’s initial disinterest in the group idea only to later, after returning from a stint out west, find out that Marl not only took credit for their formation but also, enlisted himself as a producer (with K-Def) on their 1993 debut Here Come the Lords (and eventually their 1994 sophomore LP, Keepers of the Funk).

On the second verse, Khadafi expresses his Juice Crew woes, which stem from the collective’s 1988 collaborative album In Control, Volume 1. Going by “Percy Tragedy” at the time, he appeared on the songs “Live Motivator” and “The Rebel,” but was the only guest artist not featured on the project’s artwork. “Yo confinement was the realignment to fame / Never forgot when I saw the artwork for tape,” he raps. “In Control, Vol. 1 still missing my face / Only one with two singles on the LP tape.

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Apparently, it taught Tragedy a lesson, which he claims on the song, better prepared him for his solo career as an MC. “On the flip side, it only really boost my strength,” he raps. “Gave me more confidence so I could go the whole length / For my mentor to take an idea from me / Only means my vision is that of impeccable G.

Previously, Tragedy Khadafi released Immortal Titans’ first single “Upper Echelon.” The project as a whole will be produced by Amityville’s BP The Neckbreaker and boasts a pretty impressive features list, including Nature, Apathy, Ali Vegas, and more.

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Fans interested in purchasing Tragedy Khadafi’s Immortal Titans can pre-order the album. Its official release date is listed as August 17 on Apple Music.