Tyler, The Creator’s Album Is Still Taking Off. His New Video Is On An Aircraft Carrier

Tyler, The Creator has been releasing some very good quality content as of late and he’s continuing with his latest video from 2017’s Flower Boy. The Odd Future MC/producer dropped the visual for “See You Again” from his Grammy-nominated fourth solo studio album and it features him dancing and rapping onboard an aircraft carrier.

The visual begins with Tyler singing within the carrier’s corridors then zooms out to Kali Uchis, the track’s collaborator, singing on a floating lifeboat. Subsequently, Tyler is seen on top of the aircraft carrier rapping while crewmates dance in unison in the background. A$AP Rocky makes numerous appearances in the “Wolf Haley” (Tyler’s director alter ego)-directed video. The song, for those who haven’t heard Flower Boy in full, is about Tyler’s desire for the object of his love to return to him and whether he will ever see them again.

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“Twenty/20, 20/20 vision / Cupid hit me, Cupid hit me with precision,” he sings on the song. “I wonder if you look both ways / When you cross my mind, I said, I said / I’m sick of, sick of, sick of, sick of chasing / You’re the one that’s always running through my daydream, I / I can only see your face when I close my eyes.” The video ends with the Cali rapper spitting bars with a sheet over his body.

As mentioned, this is just the latest high quality drop from Tyler, The Creator. Previously, he dropped the loosies “Peach Fuzz,” “OKRA,” and “435,” as well as a couple freestyles over songs by Drake and Kids See Ghosts (Kanye West and Kid Cudi’s group). Tyler also collaborated with Kali for the song and video for “Potato Salad,” which was not on Flower Boy.