J.I.D. Is A Top-Shelf MC With Flow, Substance & Wordplay All In One (Audio)

Dreamville’s J.I.D. has been on a tear since early 2017. The Georgia native delivered one of last year’s best albums courtesy of The Never Story. Now, the Spillage Village affiliate is gearing up for another project, DiCaprio 2. Back in 2015, a few years before J. Cole took interest and the accolades started building, the MC born Destin Route dropped that EP project (embedded below), a nickname he has also taken, based on the Wolf Of Wall Street and Titanic star actor.

First single “151 Rum” shows that J.I.D. possesses the combined gifts of flow, substance, and slick wordplay. He takes a celebratory shot, while adding a new brick to his rock-solid catalog. The artwork from the song says that is a film, perhaps playing to the Hollywood-themed project title. He spits, “Son of a God, son of a b*tch Son of a woman and man, son of a son, and then sunk in abyss / Summon a plant, please come with a strip / Cover my back, cover mad, please come with the bliss / Look at the stash, J.I.D like a magician / F*ck that, this some real-ass sh*t, I paid blood for this / Taking cheese from the government / Cereal boxes, put the bugs in it / Hand me down then my brother-brother sh*t / Don’t compare me to no other other ni**as / In the city, boy they say they f*cking with you / Heebie-jeebie, that’s a bit disgusting but I get it I’m full attention, full of spirit but full of sh*t / Standing next to Lil Tay when that bullet hit him / Sh*t, I miss him, I wish that that bullet missed him, but it didn’t / And since I been living with it like a sickness / Intimate, infinite rhymes, give me the baton / A ticking, ticking time bomb, takin’ the finish line / Look alive, look in my eyes, look at you ni**as tryin’ / And you dumb, dumb better run, run ’cause we fryin’ em / East-side, where ya from, from ni**as wildin’ / So be silent before my ni**as creep silent With street knowledge, complete nonsense.” In addition to having some fun with words, the Dreamville artist reflects on a personal loss and describes the environment that he comes from.

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DiCaprio 2 is expected before month’s end. The Never Story was named to Ambrosia For Heads’ Top 15 Hip-Hop albums of 2017.

#BonusBeat: J.I.D.’s DiCaprio, featuring OG Maco, EARTHGANG’s Johnny Venus, and production from Mike WiLL Made It’s Eardrummers team.