Torae Offers A Rap Tutorial For MCs Looking To Build Careers. Take Notes. (Audio)

The Coney Island native and multi-talented artist Torae is dropping new music this season. His last album, Entitled, dropped back in 2016. However, the gap between projects is no reflection of this veteran’s work ethic. In recent years, the Barrel Brothers member has filmed several commercials and appeared in a VH1 TV series. The most meaningful to mention may be Tor’s Family Matters Podcast with his daughter, Taylor. Together, they offer a family and multi-generational representation of the culture.

In his return to solo song-making, “Take Notes” is a Biggie-sampling record produced by Torae’s production partner, Praise. It is the first single off his upcoming eight-song album All Praise Due (October 12). Famed as a “renaissance man” and true entrepreneur that surpasses just the role of MC, “Take Notes” can be received as both a jamming song as well as a tutorial for other MCs on how to maneuver the game.

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The rapper with the dominating delivery breaks down his omniscient style. He pushes cut-throat punchlines to broadcast the message. “Who did like I did it? Who spit in the way I’m gone spit it? / Who better to tell that authentic, I live it like I give it / No fake raps or daps adapt in it / Never was augmented, never was off-centered, if I pen it I meant it.”

Tor’ finishes off the record execution style sending off reminder shots of why he isn’t in need of any industry co-signs. Rappers can marinate on this and as the song suggests, should take notes. “You complicating this sh*t, dog it’s simplistic / You add all the views I got and just list it / The YouTube the Spotify all of the twit sh*t my IG, Facebook live data statistics / Now tall all those hits I just listed then scrap that sh*t, press play and just listen / I’m Tor Liston Carr, but no piston / A Coney Isle child from no pot to piss in / To six bathrooms still no sh*ts given, you wanna live how I’m living,” he raps with a nimble style.

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In a recent tweet, Torae revealed that he is vigorously working on two projects set for 2019. “Take Notes” may be just the beginning.