Brother Ali Uses Some Baduizm To Show Just How Serious He Is About His Art (Video)

In 2017, Brother Ali gave fans one of the year’s most illuminating albums in All The Beauty In This Whole Life. The Rhymesayers Entertainment release was named one of Ambrosia For Heads‘ best of the year and showed Ali at a new place with his outlook, his family, and his relationship with Hip-Hop. This year, the Minnesota MC has been celebrating (via a tour) the 15th anniversary of his benchmark LP, Shadows On The Sun. However, he’s been focused behind the scenes.

The first new music since All The Beauty… releases in the form of “Sensitive.” Sitting in his studio, the fierce MC competitor looks back at battle footage, freestyles, and comments about social media. He then switches to watch Erykah Badu’s words to fans on “Tyrone.” He breaks down the moment to a Hip-Hop feel. Ahead of that dazzling display, she warned show-goers that she, as an artist, is sensitive.

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The song thanks fans for riding with him, in a sometimes fickle genre. He explains how he honed his delivery and getting praise from Chuck D. In between the good vibes, Ali admits that his booming delivery sometimes takes its toll on his voice. He thanks fans, media, and all the people that have been part of his powerful movement.

“Artists are often times faced with self-doubt and a deep sense that the world isn’t hearing us as we’d like to be heard,” Brother Ali says in a press statement. “This one was made at a time when I’d taken too long to release new music, had medical trouble with my voice, and felt like I’d alienated fans with my political statements.”

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Based on the video, Brother Ali appears to produce this cut appears on a special 7″ vinyl release with a t-shirt combination package. This month, Ali’s collaborators Atmosphere released Mi Vida Local. This week, AFH spoke with Slug about the album and lots more while in Brooklyn, New York.

Press photo by Shelly Mossman provided by Rhymesayers Entertainment.