Dave East & Styles P Kick Freestyles & Show Why Their Bond Is Thoro (Video)

Styles P and Dave East recently released a joint album, Beloved. For two New York City MCs with proven chemistry, the Def Jam Records LP has the spirit of early 2000s mixtapes (especially of the D-Block variety) with the kind of polish typically reserved for albums. To promote the 13-song release featuring a LOX appearance, these two MCs sing by Funkmaster Flex’s freestyle platform to bust down some bars for the fans.

As expected, the pair spits some bars over two classic Hip Hop instrumentals and does their thing. “F*ck with East get your knees broke / I run outta bars, I got Belize coat,” Styles raps over ESG’s classic “UFO” break-beat. “Touch me, I get shoot to shoot free throws / I know big MCs and big kilos.

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Dave East may steal the show when he comes in with some inspired Rap bars. “Talking all that tough sh*t never thought you’d ever get stripped,” East raps over Prodigy’s “Keep It Thoro.”Actin’ like a bougie b*tch never thought you’d ever get pimped / Goldie in the flesh, but my braids nappy as f*ck / Illuminati tried to make me a Mason, Pappy what’s up?” Like his Mass Appeal Records mentor, Nas, as well as 50 Cent, Dave has no problem shouting out some Big Apple kingpins from yesteryear, as he locks in for one of his better freestyle displays of 2018.

Apart from Beloved, Styles P has been hard at work in2018. He dropped his ninth studio album G-Host back in May, as well as a surprise EP with Nickel Bag. Dave East, on the other hand, released Karma 2 back in July 2017, and P2 at the top of January. Dave East and Nas’ “NYCHA” is currently on Ambrosia For Heads‘ official playlist.

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Photo from Funkmaster Flex’s Instagram.