Lupe Fiasco Paints A Colorful Mural With Words In An A Capella Verse (Video)

Lupe Fiasco is the kind of lyricist that many Hip-Hop Heads hold in high regard. Perhaps the Chicago, Illinois MC earned that trust and respect, given the creativity he injected into Rap music during the mid-2000s. Although Lu’ achieved commercial pinnacles while experimenting with Pop, Rock, and other fusions in the decade since, he has never gotten too far away from his Rap roots. In recent years, Fiasco is making some cerebral, conceptual, and well—thumping music at an album level.

For those dedicated masses, Fiasco notably released DROGAS Light last February. He has stated the project was a prequel to the second installment in the trilogy, DROGAS WAVE. That LP finally reached the surface a month ago, and it has impressed critics and fans ever since. The effort is split into two parts, with the first clocking in at just under 38 minutes long, while the second section is just over an hour. The song that closes out Part 2 is “Mural Jr.,” a follow up to the popular “Mural” from 2015’s Tetsuo & Youth. The track is also the latest Lupe cut to get the video treatment, thanks to a collaboration with Vevo.

Lupe Fiasco Still Refuses To Dumb It Down With A New LP That’s Deeper Than Rap (Video)

This joint is a dense block of intricate wordplay, so it is perfect that he filmed a visual where he busts the lengthy stanza a capella. The concept behind the DROGAS albums is an alternate reality where the slaves that were thrown overboard on the way to the Americas somehow managed to survive underwater and became a “force against slavery.” So, the fact this video was shot near the water under New York City’s Williamsburg Bridge may be symbolic.

As he roams around the area, he bombards the waves and the gargantuan structure over them with thought-provoking bars. “Holy assumption of man into the heaven’s sphere / Many mansions fit champions within its seven tiers / Evangelists re-imagine every 11 years / Pause for applause, evolve to what was never here / Born to death, born to die / form the flesh, form the eyes / A veritable storm of winged forms swarms the skies / Marital norms unperformed but the porn survives,” spits the 1st & 15th founder.

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It may take a few listens, watches, or reads to digest and comprehend this one fully.

#BonusBeat: Justin “The Company Man” Hunte’s breakdown of Drogas WAVE for TBD: