Reason’s Video Shows The Regrets That Come With Infidelity

Carson, California MC Reason has had quite the big year, not just for a rapper, but for any artist at this stage of his career. After signing to Top Dawg Entertainment early last August with the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Jay Rock at the helm of CEO “Top Dawg” Tiffith’s Rap empire, Reason was featured on the TDE-led soundtrack for Marvel Studios’ billion dollar grossing film, Black Panther, and is currently hitting stages across the nation with Jay Rock on his Big Redemption Tour. In this same time frame, Reason dropped his debut album, There You Have It, his first official release since his 2016 mixtape, The Free Album, and a short compilation released on his personal Soundcloud account in 2017, Proof.

In preparation for the album drop, Reason released visuals for the single, “Better Dayz” from his aforementioned mixtape and for the loosie single, “The Soul,” two songs that become pure representations for, not only his struggles, hard work, and dedication he’s been through in his music career, but gives insight to those motifs in his personal life as a man who grew up in the hot streets of L.A. County.

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Reason’s latest release reveals another chapter in his story, as the video from his first studio album, “Situations,” dives into the moral dilemmas of having relations with a woman on the side, despite the realities of his current relationship. Draped over a soothing sample of Childish Gambino’s superb cover of Usher’s “U Don’t Have To Call” from his 2014 mixtape, STN MTN / Kauai, the camera takes viewers through a weekend with Reason as he contemplates his choices with the women in his life. Debating back and forth between staying in a crumbling relationship and being with a part-time woman without all the drama, Reason remains authentic in his story of infidelity, providing humility and fragility to a topic that stereotypically comes with full-fledged braggadocio. Without all that boasting and bragging about to draw convoluted conclusions regarding his relationships with other women, Reason provides an honest record through his bars that serves a social climate in which women aren’t always being properly represented or respected, both in Hip-Hop and in society today.

Man, I swear you just don’t get it / Why you think your friends keep comin’ up? / With different suspicions on how our love was up / All that twerkin’ and clubbin’ they do is a cover-up / These b*tches want everything that you f*cked up / And you gon’ let these hoes win, she responded, “Baby, you right” / Set her bags down, now she stayin’ the night / She lay her head down and I’m sayin’ goodnight / I get a text from my side b*ches like, “Is she sleep yet?” / It’s that creep-text / That she want nothing from me but deep sex / When we argue all I want is that deep neck without the fussin’ / My side chick let me f*ck her without the cussin’ / Tell myself it ain’t really cheatin’, we just f*ckin’ / We know where it is in the end, we ain’t wrong / You don’t deserve it and I know what I’m doing but I just can’t leave her alone / God damn, Reason raps with a calming passion.

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Photo from Reason’s Instagram page.