Benny The Butcher Sharpens His Flow On A Steely Alchemist Production

Benny The Butcher has strong momentum right now. He already had two fan-favorite releases (Stabbed & Shot with 38 Spesh, and A Friend of Ours) this year before dropping his proper debut Tana Talk 3 last Friday (November 24).

The Griselda Records family has been heating up the underground for the last couple years, but 2018 has been especially productive for the Buffalo, New York crew and label. Further, The Butcher has established his own imprint, BSF Records, to spotlight even more Buffalo talent. For instance, keep an ear out for BSF artist Duffle Bag Hottie, and his recently released Ghost Of Rick James album.

Alchemist & Daringer Are Producing Benny’s Full Album. Here’s The First Video (Premiere)

After premiering his “Joe Pesci 38” video with Ambrosia For Heads two weeks ago, The Butcher is back with an Alchemist-produced single, and the accompanying video, titled “Broken Bottles.” Uncle Al, as Benny Best calls The Alchemist, brings a beat that is somehow intense and laid back at the same time. The sparse piano plinks that are looped throughout have an insistence to them, but then the occasional horns chill the vibe out a bit. As for the Griselda sicario, Benny lets loose for nearly four minutes with no hook. The way breaks down the intricacies of the dope game recalls many of New York Hip-Hop’s greats from the 1990s and early aughts.

In his trademark conversational cadence, Butchie closes the track out with the kind of braggadocio raps Griselda fans love, “My dollars long and my plug got a farm like he Old Mcdonald / I’m the boss, so where I go, they follow / It’s penalties for touching me, just be careful where you throw them hollows / I sold dope like it was no tomorrow / That got me cash and my watch glass like it’s made of broken bottles.

Busta Rhymes & Westside Gunn Break Bones With Verses, Not Sticks & Stones (Audio)

The visuals here are quite raw. Benny simply bars out in a warehouse full of luxury and souped-up rides, and this is interspersed with him mobbing up with his gang in a squalid kitchen and basement. It may be nothing fancy, but it suits the subject matter.

Photograph from Benny’s Instagram.