Jay Rock Shows The Serious Consequences Of Impulsive Decision Making (Video)

Top Dawg Entertainment’s stable of star rappers has been ruling airwaves and charts for the last couple of years. But 2018 saw one of the label’s earliest signings, Jay Rock, step much closer to getting the recognition that he deserves. Although he already had two rock-solid albums under his belt, Jay’s third effort Redemption was what fans had been waiting for. The rapper is winning big. The depth of this latest LP proved once again that the four Black Hippy artists are songwriters, not simply rappers.

In a musical landscape where new albums drop every day and are immediately forgotten, the most effective strategy to hold the people’s attention is to keep hitting them with videos to support the project. Artists that have the capability are now filming visuals for close to every song on their LPs. Like wife Beyoncé, JAY-Z has done it with 4:44, and acts like Meek Mill, Dave East, and Migos are each right there too.

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Having just released the video for “For What It’s Worth,” Jay Rock is only four vids short of doing mini-movies for all 13 songs on Redemption. What’s even more impressive is that all of them have been high quality, creative, and visually stunning. From the CG effects of “Win” to the throwback appeal of “Wow Freestyle,” to the inventive “King’s Dead,” Eastside Johnny has wowed viewers every time out.

For the Sounwave and Rascal-produced “For What It’s Worth,” Rock enlisted Matilda Finn to envision what imagery would fit the song. The subject matter here deals with being reactionary and making snap decisions that may affect you for the rest of your life.

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From the back of police cruisers to the back of limousines, J.R. examines his life and the decisions of those around him. Every interaction and choice can go a few different ways. Split scenarios play out such as children hugging versus one aiming a gun at another while Jay takes a stroll through his hood. Other characters doing different things appear in the background. Meanwhile, in his the verses, Jay considers if revenge and lust are worth the allure. Symbols of temptation are also displayed. In one flower sequence, it may seem to suggest Jay’s limo as a hearse. In other words, death, prison, or success—it is all in how you move.

There are several Jay Rock videos, including episodes of Politics As Usual and Where It All Began, available on AFH TV.