Ras Kass Reworks “Soul On Ice” With Some New Lyrics That Burn (Video Premiere)

Ras Kass is recognized as one of the most talented lyricists to ever come out of southern California. Between the Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. and Ab-Soul, Razzy kept Carson, California on the Rap map. And while commercial success has never been an adequate reflection of his talents (partially prompting a self-comparison to Vincent Van Gogh), his 1996 debut Soul On Ice has aged like a fine burgundy. He re-released the album with Blackhouse Records in 2016 for the groundbreaking project’s 20-year anniversary. The HRSMN member teased that he would be delivering a sequel titled Soul On Ice 2 that same year. However, the follow-up was pushed back, and instead, he gave fans a Spotify playlist of unreleased cuts at the end of last year.

Well, this punchline king decided that Heads have waited so long for SOI2, that he should jump right to “Soul On Ice 3.” He is dropping a two-song 7” single to build excitement for the release of his anticipated second installment of Soul On Ice. Now, this is where it gets a tad confusing, the A-side of the 45 is titled “SOI3,” yet it dropped before SOI2.

Ras Kass, J57 & El Gant’s Jamo Gang Has Eyes On Them & Scopes Too (Video)

Apollo Brown is on the beat here and he flips the same smooth sample Diamond D used on the “Soul On Ice (Remix),” but the Detroit producer slows it down and sprinkles in some elegant strings. If this cut sounds familiar, and it’s not just the loop, maybe it’s because he remixes a number of the song’s classic lines, as well using the first bar from the original “Soul On Ice” chorus. While it’s not easy to pick them out, Big Twins and Godfather III of Infamous Mobb join in on the chanting part of the hook.

As for the verses, Razzy goes for the comp’s jugular with lines like: “The Waterproof MC / Yall still ain’t wetting me / Yall need to stop snitchin’, see what the f*ck happened to to Cool C / ‘Cause B, no matter how much green you make, you never taste the wheatgrass / You sweet cheeks,I’m Sweet Sweetback Baadasssss‘ / That skeet skeet, I’m Ras Kass” and “Yeah, it’s that 3rd degree freezer burn / ‘Zero Dark Thirty,’ Black Jesus sperm / Pyramids in Giza bury dead men / So, f*ck your name like the Washington Redskins.” After two turns Ras hands the mic to his guest K-Rino, who wastes no time in criticizing what passes for an MC in 2018.

Ras Kass & Apollo Brown Allow All To Hear The Blasphemy (Album Stream)

Premiering at Ambrosia For Heads, this street video was filmed in Houston during The Waterproof MC’s most recent visit to the area. Seeing as it’s K’s hometown, it makes sense they shot it in the Southern city. The duo and a handful of O.G.s lamp at various landmarks in this visual, and it even features a cameo from Texas royalty, Scarface. Bits and pieces of the original “Soul On Ice” video are interspersed throughout the vid’.

Press photograph provided by Ras Kass.