Tierra Whack Claims She’s Andre-Meets-The Beatles In An Incredible Freestyle

The term “eccentric” may often be overused, but Tierra Whack fits that description well, with no hyperbole. Earlier this year the young Philadelphia, Pennsylvania MC made waves with her innovative and truly original effort Whack World, which has racked up seven figures in streams with its 15 one-minute songs in a multitude of styles. The rapper/singer has called the offering “A Visual And Auditory Project,” which makes sense because each song is accompanied by a video. She built the mini album with Instagram in mind, and therefore each cut is only a minute long. This 15 minutes of music runs the gamut from classic Rhythm & Blues to the current sounds of Trap, to something resembling country. ICYMI, Whack World is a must-listen.

This prodigious talent is the latest guests on Funkmaster Flex’s freestyle segment. She showed up in vibrant yellow and orange outfit and spazzed as soon as DJ Juanito threw on an instrumental from another versatile and animated MC, Busta Rhymes’ “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See.” Her outlandish wordplay is on full display here, and just in case anybody thinks she is more songstress than lyricist, these bars should straighten them out.

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After blacking out with her eyes closed, she ends the salvo with, “I’m representing for the Black people / I’m Beanie Sigel / Andre-meets-The Beatles / Ghostwriting should be illegal / I’m sharp, 200 needles / Next year…it’ll probably be more…like Cecil / I…I know I’m sick / I’m so legit / If sh*t is cold, I’m cold as sh*t / Throwin’ fists / Throwin’ fits, uh / Write so sick with the pen I murder ink, I’m Ashanti / Get Rob Zombie / Then even rob Gandhi / Stay confident / You don’t have to remind me / HOT 97, you gone’ have to rewind me.

While her loud style may lead to preconceptions, this freestyle proves she is more than a quirky character.

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Photograph from Tierra Whack’s Instagram.