Tory Lanez Says He’s A Better MC Than Joyner Lucas & Serves Battle Bars (Audio)

Yesterday (November 19), Toronto, Canada MC/singer Tory Lanez dismissed notions that Joyner Lucas was a better MC. During an Instagram Live session, the artist who released two Top 5 albums on the charts this year (Memories Don’t Die and Love Me Now)

In the midst of boasting of his multi-faceted abilities in Rap and R&B, Tory stated, “Anytime you see me showcase singing or if they see me showcase [rapping], my ni**a, I’m always destroyin’ sh*t, my ni**a, always,” Lanez said in response to a fan on the platform. “The Joyner [Lucas] kid? He’s nice, but he can’t f*ck with me on no level, period.”

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Word got back to Joyner Lucas, who has spent the last year dropping singles and multi-million viewed videos on the approach to his Atlantic Records debut, ADHD. He posted the clip, with the caption: “If [you’re] so confident my guy, let’s pick a beat. You spit your hardest bars over it and [I will] do the same. [We will] let the people decide who ain’t f*cking with who. Then we will pick a date and time and you present your version and I’m present my version. Same exact beat so it’s fair. If [you are] not willing to step up and accept my proposal then don’t ever say no silly sh*t like ‘bar for bar Joyner Lucas ain’t f*cking with me’ ever again in your life.” He directed the caption to the opponent. “I love the confidence, but stop it, bro.”

In less than a day, Tory responded to Joyner Lucas’ challenge. He snatched the “Lucky You” instrumental from Eminem’s Kamikaze album, a song that featured Lucas. After a few bars demonstrating his flow and praising his versatility, Tory checks the MC who told him to stop his claims. “I’m literally at the spot that he said he’d be at / But where is he at? / Like really, ni**a, is you really telling me that? / Like I ain’t prepared to hit ’em with a felony act / Like what, you thought I never react? / Have a ni**a looking like he try’na fight in Smash Bros., when a ni**a put a whole shell in his back / F*ck ni**as yelling it back / Ni**as get high and start hating on a real ni**a / It’s like a ni**a smoking on a jealousy pack / Look, lil’ ni**a, uh I got the remedy, I got the shooters with hidden identities / F*ck who you send at me / I got a stack on me long as a ruler and centipede / I got that Geneve, I got the energy I got the money, the power, the enemies / I go to business I’m asking these ni**as for 60% of the entity / No one defending me / Ni**as is talking, but no one offending me / Ni**as know what the result of the end’ll be / Ni**as won’t know how to find where they men’ll be / I’m a way different ni**a on Hennessy / I got the recipe, none of y’all ni**as can sit next to me / Guard where your head and ya chest’ll be / I suggest you ni**as never go testin’ me / I suggest you ni**as never go testin’ me, ni**a.

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That passage, coming after the song’s middle, is aimed squarely at Joyner Lucas (who has yet to respond). The first half is Tory flexing on his power, fame, and abilities—the same attitude that started this challenge. The double-threat does not tuck in his confidence or hold back his feelings. This spirited response puts the flow that Tory Lanez brandishes on proud display.