Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Tell Migos To Sit Down & Shut Up About Being The Best Rap Group

In the midst of a trending debate surrounding “the King Of R&B,” another title may be up from grabs. In January of this year, Migos member Offset boasted to radio show, Big Boy’s Neighborhood, “[Migos] is the biggest group ever. Ever. In pop, Hip-Hop all that, because every genre in music right now is structured off us.”

That sentiment has not wavered “We the biggest group in the world to ever exist,” Offset told XXL in a more recent video. “‘Cause we can do [solo material] and we can go as a group.”

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Although that was almost one year ago, one person who is not accepting Offset’s truth is Bone Thugs-n-Harmony co-founder Layzie Bone. “Lil ni**as got the Rap game f*cked up,” L-Burna wrote on his Instagram on Saturday, December 15. “I accept that challenge. Nah homies, y’all ni**as [are] lil’ ni**as compared to Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.” He tagged the group as well as Migos’ three members, Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff.

Then, in another video, while on the road in Denver, Colorado yesterday (December 17), the Bone Brother announced, “There’s a lot of things going out here. Young ni**as talkin’ bout that they the king of R&B. Young ni**as talkin’ bout they the best group ever. [The] ‘Best Rap Group’ ever or whatever they said. I’m just here to set the record straight. Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, we still all five live — Krayzie, Bizzy, Wish, Flesh and myself Layzie Bone — we the best, you dig?”

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The Cleveland, Ohio artist got specific about who he was talking to, and the class that he is defending. “[We are] the biggest to ever done it. Also, [I] can think of some other ni**as like OutKast, N.W.A, EPMD, Beastie Boys that done did big things in this game that can also claim it. But we the best. Migos, sit down. We gonna shut your ass down for 2019. Y’all little ni**as talk too much.” Layzie again tagged Migos’ in the post.

Offset apparently responded, calling out Layzie’s age and suggesting that he does not have a million dollars to make a proper wager. The Atlanta, Georgia-based rapper chided that Layzie could only bet a thousand dollars to see who the better group really was.

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DJ Akademiks posted the Instagram story reply that appears to address the issue.


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As a group, B.T.N.H. has two #1 albums and three releases that are at least platinum. They last dropped New Waves one year ago. Migos also has two #1 albums, both of which reached platinum. Bone’s hit “Crossroads” garnered the group a Grammy Award in 1997, while Migos has two nominations without a win. Each group has a #1 single under their belt. While Krayzie Bone and Flesh-N-Bone also have plaques from solo releases, all three members of Migos have yet to receive certification for their respective individual works. Last year, Vox published an analytics video that traces Migos’ triplet flow back to Bone Thugs, as well as groups such as Public Enemy.

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Previously, Hot Boys member Young Turk took umbrage with Offset for the same claim. Like L-Burna, Turk stood up for his group and others and dismissed the proclamation as outright disrespect.

Migos released Culture II early this year. Layzie independently released several projects, including Law Of Attraction. Over the weekend, Offset made headlines after interrupting estranged wife Cardi B’s set at the Rolling Loud Festival for an apparent public apology for alleged infidelity.