Cormega Releases His 1st Project In 4 Years & It’s Full Of Realness

Early in this decade, Cormega proved that one could still make major noise through the independent channel. The Queensbridge veteran accomplished more on his own than any famed label could seemingly do for the unique spitter. Throughout the last 20 years, Mega has fed his faithful fan-base with award-winning gems like The Realness and The True Meaning to incredibly introspective projects like Born and Raised and Mega Philosophy. Cormega never fails to deliver the real. Now, for the first time in four years, Mega is giving fans another vivid update of his life experiences through music.

MEGA is an abbreviated release as the title may suggest, but it packs a punch. On the song “Empty Promises,” Cory draws from his trademark well of lyrics about honor and betrayal – something he’s dealt with a lot personally and professionally. “A man with everything that lacks integrity is morally bankrupt,” he raps to open the song’s second verse. “You can’t buy dignity / The wilder side fools grasp for petty things / Words ain’t real if they lack sincerity / Those who never seek never find anything / My relentless pursuit got me seein’ better things.

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On the more uplifting “Live Your Best Life,” Cormega stresses the importance of putting oneself first and the struggles of helping those who don’t want guidance. “When you been through the worst, learn from it / Every lesson is a blessin’ and a curse,” he raps on the track, which features an opening verse from Mobb Deep’s Havoc. “Every day a step closer to the essence / Live your best life, put yourself first / When you been through the worst, learn from it / Every lesson is a blessin’ and a curse.” For an MC known for working with DJ Premier, Large Professor, Hi-Tek, Pete Rock, Alchemist, and others, these sounds mark a change in direction. The beats favor pianos and synth above drums. This evocative lyricist found tracks to match his many moods.

Interestingly, the physical and DSP versions of MEGA include the instrumentals for all of the tracks on the EP. The entire project is available for streaming on all major platforms and for those who want to purchase it, CD, cassette and vinyl versions of Cormega’s latest can be purchased via Red Line Music Distribution.

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Earlier this year, Mega appeared on Kool G Rap & 38 Spesh’s “Dead Or Alive” as well as Vanderslice’s “The Best Interlude Money Can Buy.”

Press photo by Robert Adam Mayer.