Vic Mensa Says Biggie Knew Who Shot Pac & Suge Knew Who Shot Big In A Fiery Freestyle

As has been the case throughout the last five years, Vic Mensa had a busy 2018. The Chicagoan showed no signs of slowing down or taking a pause this year, both in terms of making music and staying in some headlines. Mensa released Hooligans on Roc Nation. The eight-song release involves The Gap Band’s Uncle Charlie Wilson, Ty Dolla $ign, G Herbo, G-Eazy, and Mr. Hudson, as well as production from Travis Barker.

To promote this month’s release, Mensa made another freestyle appearance with the L.A. Leakers show at Power 106. As he has done in the past, Vic dropped some heavy bars with the moment, and addressed the most controversial part of his 2018. Rapping over Biggie’s “Spit Your Game” (as produced by Swizz Beatz), Vic kicks, “You know me, I’m spittin’ game / Talkin’ slick, 17 hollowtips / Catch clip like a Nikon / Clap it like I turn the lights on / Lights off, then I drive off in a white Porsche, leave white chalk / We don’t let bygones be bygones, we buy guns with extensions / Come get at me, f*ck commission, Twitter beef not litter me / Gucci shoes from Italy, Mike and Lebron 2-23 / In my Mary Jeans Knots in, I’ma die sinnin’, Lord willin’ / Save-a-hoe’s you Clark Kentin’ / Do or Die, I’m po’ pimpin’, do a suicide windows tinted / Buy a newer ride, blow dope in it.” The excerpt confronts Vic’s BET Hip Hop Awards freestyle, which sparked controversy for criticizing the slain XXXTentacion for allegedly abusing women with his mother in the audience for the video performance. Several of XXX’s associates threatened Vic, while figures including Charlamagne Tha God and Joe Budden called out Vic for the choice as well as the contradiction, given Vic’s admitted history with domestic abuse.

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Later in the freestyle, Vic makes another bold point. “One day ni**as best friends and the next day on some opp sh*t / BIG knew who shot Pac, Suge know who shot BIG / Good news they not dead, they still alive when I spit / Tell them ni**as I got this, Save Money and the Roc, b*tch.” The same year that Eminem addressed Puffy’s alleged involvement in Tupac’s 1996 murder in his “Killshot” diss aimed at MGK, Vic stirs the ’90s conspiracy theory pot with his declaration. History shows that no arrests were made in either Rap murder, just six months apart in late 1996 and early 1997.

Mensa closes his bars with fury. “F*ck police, f*ck the system / They p*ssy ni**as: gynecologists and obstetricians / That’s an observation, complications with my father so mind been racing / I was out of state when he go out of inpatient / Been patient I ain’t waiting no more, I’m taking the dough / Seven figures like a number with no area code / I did a shoe deal with Puma when I was 20 years old / I could market sneakers and still wouldn’t sell you my soul.” Mensa makes the moment count.

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Last year, Mensa threatened all rappers who claimed that they are better than Tupac Shakur.