Wale Channels Ghostface Killah To Send A Chilly Message To His Competition & Critics

Wale released a series of singles and EPs this year. Apart from a feature on Logic’s YSIV, it was a lower profile year for the Warner Bros. Records artist. However, the veteran spitter refuses to let 2018 end without reminding fans and his peers that he’s a top-tier spitter. Moreover, the DMV representative is happy to throw elbows at anybody that doubts him.

“Winter Wars” is one of Wale’s strongest a la carte showings in the last two years. The title references Ghostface Killah’s Ironman posse cut, as does the opening lyrical reference. “Yes, this sh*t is raw, comin’ at your door.” Wale channels the ruggedness from G.F.K., Raekwon, U-God, Masta Killa, and an astounding Cappadonna verse.

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Wale comes out swinging. “Yeah, I want the smoke with most of these ni**as / I’m way doper than ni**as, I make a ghost of these ni**as / Nah, I want the smoke with like all of these ni**as / My slime with you is Nickelodeon then I wet you / I’m bi-coastal, bipolar, I buy clothes a lot / My bi b*tches my best friends, we f*cking been through a lot / I’m ducking your crew never, I’m checking your tour route / My ni**as’ll bust your bus up until it’s morgue now.” The MC names no names but wants anybody who feels like a target to be offended. The chorus scratches Nas’ 15-year-old stinger from “Thief’s Theme”: “I take summers off ’cause I love winter beef.

In the next verse, the sentiment continues. “2019 approachin’, I’m ’bout to get back flexin’ / Meek, Folarin and Rozay Zion, RJ, Krzyzewski / Duke it out / And we want the smoke like a hookah house.” Wale still feels a kinship with his Maybach Music Group family. After taking a shot at the President, Wale condemns writers who he feels take digs at him to get attention through the controversy of Wale’s reactions. He also says he’s not above smacking his critics. Words demand more accountability in Wale’s estimation.

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Earlier this year, Wale appeared in J. Cole’s BET Awards performance. His most recent EP was Free Lunch, featuring Cole.

#BonusBeat: The Wu-Tang fam original: