Method Man & Redman Have Nothing To Prove But Still Go For Broke

Last Friday (December 14), Method Man released his Meth Lab Season 2: The Lithium. The Wu-Tang Clan MC’s latest catalog addition involves Raekwon, Snoop Dogg, N.O.R.E., and Cappadonna among a cast of hungry up-and-coming MCs from Staten Island, New York. That ensemble includes Mr. Meth’s longtime protege Streetlife, as well asĀ Meth Lab series executive producer Hanz On.

For many fans, the standout track on the independent LP is “Episode 5: Wild Cats” with partner-in-rhyme Redman. The song, released six weeks ahead of December 14, now comes to video. In the visual, Meth’, Red, Streetlife, and Hanz On take their verses and charisma to a grimy warehouse club for a concert. Two of the best live performers in Rap history do what they do best. Funk Doc dons a mask for much of the video, with M-E-T-H-O-D keeping his hoodie up and cap low. Despite platinum albums, hit singles, and a legacy that’s in the top 1% of current MCs, these lyricists keep it gully, low-profile, and act as if they’re nondescript rhymers wrecking the set. They want props for their art, not their cemented celebrity.

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Key to my city, my G is tricky, my tree is sticky / Stairway is pissy, the crown they give me don’t even fit me / King me, it’s risky, if jiggy, get me, I plead the fiffy / They’ll never snitch me, judge’ll convict me, so just acquit me / The fuzz against me, I’m butter-slippery, they think I’m shifty / Zero to sixty, it’s just a quickie, you blink, you miss me,” spits Meth’ to open the song, announcing his place as Rap royalty. He closes his verse with as much gumption as he starts. “I’m pushin’ 50 / Can’t find your woman? She pushin’ wit’ me / Was pushin’ lifty, the family business was pushin’ piffy / That pusher in me, I did it gritty, no pretty in me / I’m pretty trendy, I had to spend me a pretty penny / One outta many, last to fend me, too many envy / Don’t gimmie-gimmie I do it Dirty, no shimmy-shimmy.” In a world of peddling dope rhyme, Method Man is Walter White pushing that lyrical blue crystal.

After a verse from Hanz, Reggie matches Meth’s energy. “Yo, when I ain’t sober, I’m bi-polar, invite me over / Doc be dumpin’ his ashes in your baby stroller / When I was young, I ate paint, lead, with quarter waters / Now Red’ red linin’ the Range Rover motor / I smoke west of the border, your bud outta order / I go ape-sh*t, I’m a Caesar with a little Koba / Tell your boss I’m the opposite of a Trump voter / Yo dude, this wild cat not from Villanova / I’m in the cut, like a buck fifty, I Tony Toca / Your side piece, I’ma poke her and then I adios her / My hood house on the block, we real estate brokers / We make it sound like Fourth of July in October / The Bricks, Tommy Motolla, yeah, I’m a high-roller / I write the crack that’ll bring back Lamar Odom / That girl got good brains, I know she got diplomas She f*ckin’ with a goodfella, Ray Liotta.” With his wordplay, the Def Squad MC/producer splashes in some politics, bragging, and some nice references to sports and pop culture. Streetlife, who made his debut on Tical nearly 25 years ago (see: “Mr. Sandman”), closes out the collabo’.

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Redman was steadfast in supporting Wu-Tang Clan’s The Saga Continues last fall. This year, he’s still with his right-hand man rollin’ up the three and lighting up any MCs that wish to step up. The video keeps that motif going, showing that two household-name rappers still fancy themselves grimy party-rockers with a crowd always eager to watch them work.

Meth Lab Season 2: The Lithium is out now. Meanwhile, Redman blessed 2018 with a host of songs and videos (including the standout “Tear It Up”). All of those moments are available at Ambrosia For Heads. Muddy Waters Too is on its way.