Redman Tears It Up With Another Headbanger (Video)

Redman is on a hot streak right now. The Newark, New Jersey-born MC may not have major label backing anymore, but he does not need it. Funk Doc is proceeding with the release of Muddy Waters Too as a flagship artist should. He has been dropping new tracks for the last couple months and shortly after fans digest each one, he gives them the video. His rowdy visuals for “Ya!” and “1990 Now” have got many Heads nostalgic and excited to bump his long-promised follow-up to one of his most beloved efforts, Muddy Waters.

When Redman dropped the punchline-packed “Tear It Up” last week, it was clear he was bringing his lyrical A-game. Reggie Noble is not playing in 2018. And what’s more, he is not ragging on the younger generation of rappers like most vets are these days. Instead, he is trying to lead by example by spitting nothing but fire. There is no filler in this raucous moment. One of the illest lines in the whole song comes right at the end of the cut, “Jersey boy, I’m cut from a different fabric / I could play Russian Roulette with an automatic / And you can ask Mario, I’m on that extra / I keep the gas on me, you move like that Tesla.”

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The visuals here take it back to Red’s hood where it looks like there is a collision of poverty and 2010s gentrification. However, Reggie kicks it and tears down his set just like he did 30 years ago. Surrounded by a squad of large dudes that are ready to wild out with the big homie, Red gets live between two abandoned houses. The motorcyclist busting tricks throughout the vid deserves a shout out too.

“Tear It Up” is included in the official Ambrosia For Heads playlist.