Redman’s New Song Is His Best Yet From Muddy Waters Too. He Tears It Up (Audio)

Since his Whut? Thee Album debut (released 26 years ago this week), Redman has dropped two handfuls of LPs, often every two or three years. Even before offering up 2015’s Mudface, Reggie Noble kept fans on the edge of their seat with one of his most anticipated releases ever, Muddy Waters Too. On the upcoming project, Funk Doc is revisiting the formula he used for one of his beloved projects, his 1996 third LP. To make the moment all the more exciting, the Newark, New Jersey MC/producer has been splashing fans with loosies as a set-up for the release.

Joints like the celebratory “I Love Hip-Hop,” the hard-body “Ya!,” and the nostalgic party-play, “1990-Now” heated up the summer. For each track, the charismatic performer filmed a high-grade video. Well, he’s keeping his muddy foot on the gas pedal. He drops what may be his best song of 2018 courtesy of “Tear It Up.” This organ-powered thumper is produced by Cincinnati, Ohio MC/producer Theory Hazit, and it’s just right level of raucous for Reggie Noble to get loose.

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Red’ starts this song by announcing that he’s “the ni**a with them bars.” So, best believe he backs up that proclamation and spits pure petrol. His couplets are equal parts witty and hilarious here. For example, “These fat women give me love and they salaries / Take they money, buy bud, and burn calories,” he raps. In the same verse he busts, “Light-skinned back, I pledged Gamma / This old-lady-on-crack flow, b*tch, pardon my bad gramma’ / Take a picture of my balls with a fan’s camera / I stay on tilt, like Santana’s bandana,” he spits, referring to collaborator Juelz. The MC also quips, “I got that purp like Minnesota fans / I got sharp 16s, I wrote ‘em with Logan hands.” Redman’s incredible punchline game is at a boil on “Tear It Up.”

This Gilla House Records single lives up to its name.