8Ball & MJG Release Their First New Song In Years (Video)

Many of the legendary Southern Rap groups are in an odd space. Since 2006, OutKast has been on hiatus, with André 3000 and Big Boi making rare and delightful appearances together on their own watches. Although fans have received new collaborative music as recently as last year, the death of Pimp C forever halted UGK’s plan. Scarface formally announced that he is done making Geto Boys music. Meanwhile, DJ Paul and Juicy J are reportedly mending fences during a combative period for Three 6 Mafia.

That leaves 8Ball & MJG. It’s been almost a decade since the Memphis, Tennessee duo released Ten Toes Down, a project overseen by T.I. and released through his Grand Hustle imprint. Ball and ‘G had previously spent time on Bad Boy after their cult-lauded Suave House Records run which yielded songs like “Space Age Pimpin’,” “Mr. Big,” and “9 Little Millimeta Boys.” In recent years, the group has done some limited feature work. However, fans have waited years for proper music from the pimp-tight pair.

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For the top of 2019, 8Ball & MJG released a live album, Classic Pimpin. The independent compilation includes Dungeon Family member Joi on several cuts. However, there is a bonus studio song featuring all new music. “Take A Picture” comes to video, with the former junior high classmates riding together in J’s early ’70s Oldsmobile Cutlass drop-top. They deliver rhymes in their city showing a strong bond and pimp-tight chemistry. The record is about partying, hitting the club, and staying loyal to the Tennessee soil. After rapping together for 25 years, these two MCs show that they still enjoy the art of rapping and working together.

The song, featuring the group’s signature delivery, is produced by Cory Mo. The Houston, Texas veteran has worked closely with UGK, in addition to Devin The Dude, Z-Ro, and Lil Keke.

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Last year, ‘Ball and ‘G appeared on Bun B’s Return Of The Trill via the song “Grow Up.”