Boogie Shows Why Eminem Signed Him With An Off The Top Freestyle (Video)

After years of resilience and balancing fatherhood with logging long hours at the studio, Compton, California’s Boogie is gearing up to see his hard work pay off. Just a week and a half away from making his anticipated debut on Shady Records (Everything’s For Sale), the 29-year-old rapper born Anthony Dixson chops it up on Sway In The Morning.

During his sit-down at Shade 45, Boogie reflects on how difficult but important it’s been to trust his own process. He explains how he passed his time as wisely as possible in the period between signing to Eminem’s imprint in 2017 and polishing his LP. Now, five years after breaking onto the scene with his debut mixtape, 2014’s Thirst 48, the rapper is on a mission to prove exactly why Eminem dished out a rare co-sign.

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From talking about the pacing of his trajectory, with many new listeners catching wind of his talents through his contributions to the 2017 BET Hip-Hop Awards Detroit Cypher, to joking about how his son clowns him for not having as many followers as Blueface, Boogie soon makes a flawless transition into freestyle mode and takes Kendrick Lamar’s “Sing About Me, I’m Dying Of Thirst” instrumental (produced by Like and Skhye Hutch) to task. Earlier in the chat, Boogie mentions he and Kenny are from the same ‘hood, offering further insight into what went into his development and rise.

After Sway emphasizes how Boogie earned his spot, the “Oh My” rapper goes in, beginning around the 25-minute mark.

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Boogie starts off feeling the groove of the track and replicating its chorus. “Stand in my way and you standing for death / I’m your zone, tell your man that I’m pressed,” he begins. “I ain’t worshiping man of the flesh / I’m dialing so I’m setting the tone, ni**a / Don’t leave me alone, ni**a. / When you ain’t rocking, I bet they throwing stones / Shout out Kendrick, that’s my idol, I still want your throne, ni**a.” Moments later, he continues, “I stopped depression that sh*t got me to Shady / Now just imagine if I stopped being lazy / Alien-ated and spaced out, I’m screaming like, ‘beam me up’ / I see these f*ck-ni**as rappin’, they teamin’ up / That’s why I be lyin’ about linkin’ up / If you ain’t Reason or J.I.D. then don’t bring ’em up / See, I been starvin’, the world tryin’ to eat me up / So if you see that I’m greedy, that’s me as f*ck / The deeper the cut then the deeper the healin’ / The deeper the blood then the deeper the spillin’ / You see what I’m spillin’?” Improvising, he takes his own stab at K-Dot’s chorus.

Boogie’s verse goes on to show his depth. “Why my homegirl ain’t notice she a queen yet, Sway? / Slid from greatness, now she out here takin’ recess, Sway / Just know my temple a template from God, a preset / Just know sometimes I need that reset.” After DJ Wonder scratches the track, he comes back. “Throwin’ sheets over your body, that ain’t really goin’ ghost / No, you can’t see your reflection when you hide behind the jokes / See, these are words from the sheet that you ain’t heard, just know they lyin’ when they say that you the goat / If I die for my hopes and I really hit the floor / And I make it back to land, will it show you that I’m sure? / Like who you finna call for when your brain and your heart in an all-out war? … They told me to sing along, but they ain’t tell me the repeat was on / And sh*t, I know I’m finna be alone / I’m stuck up in a cycle of my mom gettin’ cheated on / I went from ‘hey big head’ to ‘aw, stranger’ / To my big head surrounding me with all strangers.

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Although parts appear improvised, one can hope to hear this verse on the album. Everything’s For Sale releases on January 25 on Shady Records/Interscope Records.