Boogie & J.I.D. Reject Industry Gimmicks In Favor Of Real Rap

Last Friday, Compton’s Boogie released his first album since signing with Eminem’s Shady Records. The record is one of the better offerings so far in a young year, following a versatile—often humorous MC who looks at a dynamic life coming out of Hub City. Besides Marshall Mathers, the most notable guest on Everything’s For Sale is Dreamville’s J.I.D.

Like Boogie (who was signed for a while before venturing to Shady), J.I.D. is another MC who is part of the Interscope Records system. Both artists tell their stories without compromise or gimmicks, and each did so before Em or J. Cole took interest. This year’s “Soho” looks at how each man’s career has shifted, and how they are past the industry jibber-jabber.

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I’m still a ni**a with needs, I need to get me a lease / Pass on the key to the streets / I need the key to the door that’s been blocking out my inner-peace,” Boogie raps, after waving off futile SoHo House meetings, social media stunts, and extensive entourages.

J.I.D. follows, “Like the usual, know I ain’t meeting at Nobu / Or going for Sushi at Roku / I motherf*cking told you, I’m sick of these ni**as / Who wanna be all in the videos, in the photos / I think I should sign to Death Row though,” he spits, referencing Suge Knight’s famed 1995 Source Awards tirade.

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After grinding for years with Spillage Village, J.I.D. knows all too well the clout-chasers and fickle attention that comes with fame. In the video, both artists are groomed for the camera. Boogie is tested with different looks, which include missing an eye, braids and gold glasses and teeth. This may be a nod to check-writers and the public looking for another Fetty Wap or Migos. For his appearance, J.I.D.’s face is covered with bandage tape. Returning to Boogie for the third verse, he appears as a “Charlie doll” puppet, and then as somebody with skin that molds to every impression. This is an artful treatment on how the industry wants to shape its next stars. These two MCs have made their introductions and built their catalogs on talent. It is what got them their major co-signs and platforms.

Earlier this month, Boogie released a video for “Silent Ride.” Last year, he dropped a visual for “Self-Destruction.” New music from Boogie and J.I.D. is currently on Ambrosia For Heads‘ official playlist.

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#BonusBeat: Boogie made a short film for Everything’s For Sale: