Conway The Machine & Alchemist Make Music So Dope It’s Lethal (Video)

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Conway The Machine has been one of the flagship artists of Griselda Records for several years now. He is also one part of the new generation of acts at Eminem’s Shady Records (with brother and frequent rhyme-partner Westside Gunn).

Some Heads are still getting to know Conway. Today, he premieres the video to the Alchemist-produced “OverDose.” It is one of the songs from Eif 2: Eat What U Kill 2, his latest “Everybody Is Food” project in a series of acclaimed self-released efforts.

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The opening scene of “OverDose” finds its viewers on the wrong side of a gun’s barrel. When the triggered is pulled, the narrative arc pulls the Heads forwards through a lifestyle fueled with the necessity to survive by any means.

Conway The Machine is one MC who raps like his name sounds. Like any instrument, he has a single function and in that, he sees things around him as objects to either use or destroy: “Spray the whip while it’s sitting in park / Bullet hit his heart / Sh*t is getting dark / The shooter didn’t give it no thought / He just put a clip and spark on foot.” Although the bars are simple, the rapper paints a convincing and authentic picture. He later raps, “They forgot I was the illest, I’m fin’ to remind ’em / See how I’m killin’ ’em slime / Without pennin’ a line, why you think Eminem signed him? / And we like lemon and lime / That’s two different vibes, you got venom inside.

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In the Buffalo, New Yorker’s world, it appears to be “kill or be killed.” Survival is a must, at least by this video’s definition. Circularly, the camera returns the viewer to the epicenter of the bullet’s journey: through the body of the slain. Sirens blare into the night. The viewer is left with a cliffhanger, with presumably more to come.