Kevin Hart Apologizes To Native Americans For Throwing A Cowboys & Indians Party

Kevin Hart appeared on The Breakfast Club to address the climate of comedy against the current cancel-culture taking place on social media.

“Everything with comedy is a gamble,” said Hart. “You [are] throwin’ the dice every time. You might not laugh at this sh*t, and that’s the gamble that I’m taking.” The star of The Upside star came under fire November of 2018 when Hart’s family threw a “Cowboys-and-Indians” themed party for this son, then defended the choice.

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At 34:00, Charlamagne Tha God asks if Hart had ill-will and malicious intent when he threw a “Cowboys and Indians” party in November, Kevin Hart had this to say: “Let me tell you the f*cked thing about that: I had no idea until I got home. And the crazy thing is [laughing] it’s a party planner that put [the event theme] together for my wife. It’s kids; was for one-year-old kids and they weren’t doing anything offensive. It was blankets, and they had some teepees for the kids to sit in outside. They had food that was out there, and there was cake for the kids, and that’s it. It was nothing else, but social media enhances things.”

Charlamagne Tha God states that he saw Native Americans admitting they were offended by the stereotypes. Hart responds, “Here’s the thing: you’re offended, but you’re acting as if there was another thought that went behind it. There was no intent behind it at all.” He says that it was planned around a theme and costumes. “It was, ‘Okay, this is what’s done.’ There’s a party-planner, and they do [their job], and you get there and [accept what they planned]. There is no outright attack on the Native Americans. There’s no malicious intent [like], ‘Look at us; we’re racist, and we don’t like the Native Americans.’ The next morning, when I saw it, I said, ‘Oh sh*t, I could see why they would say that.’ But that’s not the case. What am I gonna do, defend it? What am I gonna say?” Hart admits that it is not that he does not want to apologize, it is that he does not know what to say. “What did I do, guys? I ain’t did sh*t.” Hart jokes, “I told [my wife], ‘Don’t have another f*ckin’ theme party, at all.'”

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The stand-up and film superstar admits he is not exactly sure what he apologizes for: “We’re living in a time where everything can be critiqued.” He adds that the same week of his one-year-old’s party, the Washington Redskins played football, carrying on a tradition of far more blatant racism towards Native Americans in his estimation.

After a back and forth with C.T.G., Hart then apologizes for the misstep of the party. “To Native Americans that were offended by the party that I threw for my son, I apologize. You know what, let me give my sincere Native American apology.” Hart continues, “I apologize to the Native Americans that may have been offended by the theme that was put behind my 1-year old’s party. It was not done with malicious intent.”

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While at The Breakfast Club, Hart also discusses the personal significance of his new film, The Upside.