Kevin Hart Speaks About Why We Find Joy In The Unhappiness Of Others

Kevin Hart is a recent guest on Sway In The Morning. He addresses the recent controversy surrounding his stepping down from hosting this year’s Academy Awards. While there were some suggestions that Kevin might return to the post for next month’s 91st Oscar event, he puts those notions to bed. At the top of the Sway interview, Hart says that more than a month of necessary preparation time was lost from when he initially signed on, and subsequently stepped away after facing pressure from producers and members of the public.

Near the end of the conversation, the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native says that his 13-year-old daughter recently reminded him why he must remain true to his principles. “My daughter comes up to me and says, ‘Dad, you said what you were gonna do. Why would you ever go back on what you said? You tell us when we make decisions [to] follow through with the decisions. Don’t start nothing unless you finish it…so if you started to go one way, why would you go another way?’ It was a simple kid question, but I was like, ‘F*ck, man. But you’re 100% right.’ This was when I was teetering with the back-and-forth. I did Ellen; Ellen [Degeneres] was riding for me. She’s my friend. For her to go that hard [I thought that] maybe I should [go back]. In the house, my daughter said that and I was like, ‘You’re right, honey.'”

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While at Sway In The Morning, Hart applies the last five weeks of his life and points to a perceived problem in society, especially online. At 6:00, the superstar comedian elaborated on a comment he made at Ellen last week, about an agenda he feels that exists to take him down. “The people that I was referring to are not the LGBTQ community. Those weren’t the people that I was referring to. The people [I was referring to are] Internet trolls, people that thrive off of finding what they can that can act as damaging material to one’s persona.” Hart believes that people who dig up things such as tweets and old footage work together for public enjoyment. “It’s a team of people; it’s a business. It’s a real thing. I think the movie of watching people grow and get to success is a great one, but I think the better movie is watching people fall off. That’s the one that people really tune in to watch. That’s the one that people are in love with; they love [to watch people] fail.” Hart jokes about public reactions to salacious headlines about drug abuse, repossessed homes, tax problems, broken families, and others. “Mothaf*ckas find joy in the unhappiness of others, and it’s a f*cked up thing. It’s a fact! If you look at the state of the world today, the views that you get from [negativity] are so high.”

Hart separates the recent condemnation of R. Kelly or Bill Cosby from his experience, claiming that criminal allegations and charges are something entirely different. “On GMA, there was a moment—if it wasn’t Good Morning America, I was about to say, ‘Y’all are asking me about these f*ckin’ tweets. We ain’t talkin’ about R. Kelly out here f*ckin’ these kids; you want to talk to me about my tweets!’ That’s some sh*t. I don’t even want to put that in the same conversation [as what R. Kelly is accused of].”

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Hart adds, “On a day-to-day [basis], one person’s struggle becomes another person’s happiness.” He attributes the negative culture to jealousy. “I don’t see the same energy put into positive sh*t. I won’t even say how much positive sh*t I do or have done—there’s millions of dollars that I’ve thrown at so much sh*t. It doesn’t see the light of day!…from college educations to lives to houses bought for people to money donated for causes. It’s so much sh*t! [It doesn’t] see the light of f*ckin’ day! But you throw some negative sh*t in the air, it’s gonna stick like glue. That goes from everything, across the board in entertainment and in life. I would love to just see how much good we can highlight. There’s so many people in communities [with] no fame attached to their names whatsoever that [do] so much [good].” Previously, Hart has been the subject of scandals including DUIs and infidelity. Like December’s Oscar controversy, he has addressed each issue in the public eye.

Hart points to a celebrity peer, Steve Harvey as an example. “He takes these young men that are coming from troubled situations and areas. He has a boot camp that specializes [in] building men! On his f*ckin’ property! He brings a sh*t-load of f*ckin’ young men that could be ex-convicts, whatever—he doesn’t care—takes his money and invests in these men to give them a future. We don’t hear about it. We don’t hear about it because it’s not that f*ckin’ negative. ‘I wanna talk about when Steve opened up that envelope and f*cked up the words,'” Hart jokes about the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant, which Harvey hosted. That event made the headlines that his philanthropy does not. “It’s just what we do. When you realize that and you understand that, then you swerve. I’m in the business of swerving now. You can only step up and show your high level of maturity and apologize so much. At some point, other people have to take accountability and say, ‘do you receive it? Do you accept these things and changes? And if we do, we move on.’ If you don’t accept the changes, then that means you’re stuck in a lane where you’re never gonna move. You’re idle.”

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Asked how Hart moves forward when under the scrutiny from this microscope of negativity, he explains, “The sun gon’ shine in the morning regardless of your life. The sun is gonna come up every God damn morning. I don’t give a sh*t what happens to you, the next morning the sun will shine. That means that life goes on. Everybody else got to keep moving. So if you choose to stay in a position of sorrow and sulk, you’re just affecting you. I have to continue my life. So in the heat of all of this [controversy], I’m going to Australia; I got 140,000 people that have bought tickets to come see me live. You know what I’m about to do? I’m about to go out here put on the best show possible. You know what I realize when I put on this show? My audience is everybody. I’m a prime example of making people come together—all facets of people. There’s no segregation at a Kevin Hart show or the business of Kevin Hart. Everybody! I don’t care who you are, Black, white, Chinese, gay…I don’t care who you are; my world is about bringing all of these people together and letting go of whatever’s going on in your life to laugh.”

Elsewhere in the Sway In The Morning interview, Hart describes his new film The Upside, and its parallels to his life views as of late.