50 Cent Discusses Power Prequel & Confirms Sean Penn Will Star

Late last year, 50 Cent announced that he is producing a Power prequel. Since the Starz series launch in 2014, it has seen critical success with a “1.55 million viewers and a 0.6 rating among adults 18-49,” according to Deadline. However, with 50 Cent’s character, “Kanan Stark” leaving the series in a Season 5 plot twist, one of the series’ most exciting faces will live on through the upcoming prequel.

Fif opened up some about the spin-off series with DJ Drama and Sarah Vivan on Shade 45’s Streetz Is Watching Show. “I feel like I’m going to 12 million multi-platform viewers, and we already have plans for the spin-offs,” began 50 Cent. He adds that Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn will star in TGE, an acronym for The Golden Era. Penn recently completed a full season of The First for Hulu.  Previously, Penn has appeared in films such as Mystic River, Colors, and Dead Man Walking, among others.

50 Cent Announces He Is Producing A Prequel To Power

50 continues, “TGE is The Golden Era is that point where hustling [took off].” Drama alludes to 1980s New York City drug dealers Rich Porter, Azie Faison, and Alpo Martinez, often referred to as “Paid In Full,” and the inspiration to a Roc-A-Fella film of the same name. “That’s right. Those guys influenced and developed who ‘Kanan’ was, and his behaviors. He was a lil’ guy around them,” says the mogul. “Think Goodfellas, how they told the story from Ray Liotta’s character.”

Martin Scorsese’s Oscar-nominated 1990 film was based on the real-life mobster Henry Hill, portrayed by Liotta.

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Fif adds that he is making a pilot to a series based on Isaac Wright, Jr. The New Jersey lawyer was wrongfully convicted in 1991 for drug charges. He was sentenced to life. He served seven years behind bars. He later was allowed to practice law by the same court that condemned him in error, making history. 50’s adaptation is reportedly going to air on the ABC network.

This month also marks the Season 2 return of The Oath. “It’s the highest-rated show on Sony Crackle,” boasts Fif, who executive produces and handles through his G-Unit Films division. “So I’m batting [a thousand] right now.”

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While speaking to Drama, 50 also weighed in on onetime associate Tekashi 6ix9ine. Last week, it was revealed that the Brooklyn, New York rapper is cooperating with a federal investigation to reduce a potential sentence for drug, weapons, and racketeering charges.

“6ix9ine is not from the street,” 50 Cent declares. “I liked him like I like Soulja Boy. He was 16 years old; he produced a record. He made the dance [and] got his homeboy and shot [a video]. I want to see him have a hit, that guy that does it. I couldn’t do it at 16. I was like, ‘Yo, he’s special.’ With [Tekashi] 6ix9ine, his image was stronger than the music. Middle America, the people actually purchasing music, they can dye their hair blonde and dye their hair those colors. Hip-Hop allows you to get close to the animals and go on a safari without being in danger. They seen him in the safari. In the middle of the whole pack.”

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At this time, it is unknown when TGE will debut.