Black Thought’s New Song With Adrian Younge Reminds He’s A Master Storyteller

Each week this February, producer Adrian Younge (Ghostface Killah, Souls Of Mischief, Luke Cage, PRhyme) has released a series of tracks in celebration and remembrance of Black History Month. Previously, Younge linked up with Georgia Anne Muldrow and Terrace Martin for the Soul-driven, starry-eyed single “February,” and most recently with British singer/songwriter for the cascading, jazzy cut, “Home.” To explain his perspective and reasons for sharing, Younge reflects on the state of Black America.

“The obsession with race is disturbing to those that wish to divert attention away from the unyielding attributes that have plagued Black America,” said the Los Angeles, California producer/musician in a statement. “However, we all must realize how such disenfranchisement has negatively affected us all. We are all equal and we are all human; we all have something to say and something to contribute; essentially, we all deserve to be heard, recognized and respected. That being said, our celebration of Black History Month brings us closer to understanding the struggles and contributions African Americans have made in making America what it is.”

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To follow, Younge reflects on the importance of the history of Black America, and why Black History Month should continue to be celebrated. “There was a time in America when Blacks weren’t free to pursue their creative endeavors. Such cultural tension led to Blacks creating the first American musical art form: Jazz. This music, the antithesis of Western idealism, is what continues to inspire Black music today. My work embraces this perspective, but furthermore, it serves as a reminder of how music can lay the groundwork for self-expression and cultural awareness. Embrace Black History Month and take the time to realize how Black music has shaped the cultural narrative of America.”

Younge has kept Jazz alive in Hip-Hop for some time. Besides his full album productions, he has collaborated with JAY-Z, Common, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, and Skyzoo, among others. For Amazon Original’s Produced By series, the Los Angeles composer and producer drops his third Black History month installment, “Noir,” with the legendary Black Thought of The Roots crew. The song is available in full to all Prime members, with a snippet for other parties.

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Thought rhymes with the depth fans have come to expect from the Grammy Award-winner. “A young inmate who knew his fate was to be great / Had to escape from the chains that brought him to the States / To save face he made more than a few mistakes / While back chasing his roots like Henry Lewis Gates / Respectfully the trajectory he remained in it / He tried to walk on water instead of wade in it / He went from cradle to grave / He’s been a king and a slave / The menagerie of America he was made in it / Instead of waiting for Superman / His people had a plan / They were sticking it to the man,” spits Tariq.

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Last year, Black Thought released two volumes of his Streams Of Thought solo album series. The first was produced by 9th Wonder and The Soul Council. The second 2018 installment featured music from Salaam Remi. The latter was named to Ambrosia For Heads‘ Top 15 albums of the year.

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