Blu’s Next LP Is Produced By Oh No. The 1st Single Is A Dedication To Cali’s Lost Angels

UPDATE: Blu & Oh No have released the music video for “The Lost Angels Anthem”:

ORIGINAL FEBRUARY 4 STORY: 2018 proved to be a busy year for veteran Los Angeles, California MC/producer Blu. The 35-year-old released two albums: Gods In The Spirit, Titans In The Flesh with Nottz, and exactly a week later, the artist dropped the Shafiq Husayn-produced, The Blueprint. Blu is known for being prolific. A decade earlier, in 2008, Blu made The Piece Talks, as the group C.R.A.C. with producer Ta’Raach. A few months later, Blu released another collaborative record, the acclaimed Johnson&Jonson, with producer Mainframe.

As the new year’s turned the corner, Blu looks to continue where he left off, this time with yet another joint project under his belt. For his forthcoming album, A Long Red Hot Los Angeles Summer Night, Blu enlists the instrumental talents of rapper and producer Oh No, brother to Madlib, to provide the waves for which Blu’s rhymes will surf. Like Blu, Oh No is familiar with rapping and producing as a collective, as can be revisited with music from the Alchemist assisted duo, Gangrene. In anticipation of the aforementioned joint release, Blu and Oh No pop off the top with their first official single, “The Lost Angels Anthem.”

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Dedicated to the city that raised them, Oxnard, California’s own Oh No delivers the drip, offering up a warm, late night, swerve session of an instrumental to knock slow through the city’s street corners. To thicken the plot, Blu hits the gas at full throttle, dropping double-time bars to make all the Heads spin. “Money money my motto / Money machine, money cell phone ring / Mulatto models makin’ money / Money making me never breaking me / Big bank can’t get me bread, bakery beg / Green elephant, kale green / Green fillin’ my jeans.” As you can see, Blu’s “tongue is a machine” as the SoCal MC refuses to hold back his brand of barbed bars at any sector of Oh No’s steaming, wavy production.

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In anticipation of the pending release, Blu had this to say in regards to his work with Oh No, “It’s a true honor to put it down with the legendary Jackson Brothers,” says Blu. “Oh No never fails, and this project has been provided with straight heat for the streets.” Previously, Blu teamed with Madlib and MED for 2015’s Bad Neighbor LP.

The LP is set to release on CD, vinyl, and all digital platforms on March 1 via Nature Sounds. The full-length album will also feature guest appearances from Abstract Rude, MED, Self Jupiter, Ca$hus King, and more.

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Press photo provided by New World Order.