Conway The Machine Is No New Jack But He Uses Nino Brown For Inspiration

Griselda Records’ Conway The Machine, Westside Gunn, and Benny The Butcher brought 2018 to a boil. The three Buffalo, New Yorkers got the expanded props that longtime and cult fans had been offering for years. Even though Conway had already released The Blakk Tape and Everybody Is F.O.O.D., the MC felt the need to drop EIF 2: Eat What U Kill in December of 2018 to really cement GxFR’s Rap dominance.

To start 2019 off with a body, The Machine gave fans the videos for “Fentanyl” and Alchemist-banger “Overdose.” The visuals for both were raw and memorable. However, today one half of Hall & Nash released the mini-movie for “G Money On The Roof.” This standout track from EIF 2: Eat What U Kill is produced by Graymatter of Mutant Academy and features Flee Lord.

Westside Gunn & Conway Explain What To Expect From Their Partnership With Eminem

It’s no secret that Con’ was down with Prodigy before his passing, and the way he’s looking out for P’s young shooter Inf Mobb Flee shows that he holds loyalty in high regard. So, it’s fitting that he invited Flee to get down on a track that’s about staying true to your close homies. The track’s title alludes to the classic gangster movie New Jack City and main characters “Gee Money” and his “brother” “Nino Brown.” In the film “Gee” betrays “Nino,” and in response “Brown” calls him out on the rooftop of The Carter and cancels him.

When The Reject raps, “Nowadays ni**as act like they ain’t homies / Go and check on broady / Before you go get a Rollie / When the last time you called to check on the guys? / Just to make sure they ain’t in jail and they still alive,” you feel his anger and pain.

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The video features the MCs spitting on a rooftop, of course, but this footage is interspersed with a short film about four friends that seem to be day-ones. After a night of partying and gambling, jealousy gets the best of one of the guys and violence ensues. Strong visual storytelling.