Keith Murray & Mr. Cheeks Make New Squad Rules On A Lost Boyz Sequel

Over 20 years ago, South Jamaica Queens Rap ensemble, Lost Boyz, gained traction both in New York City and on the FM waves with their 1995 debut single, “Lifestyles Of The Rich & Shameless.” After inking a deal with Uptown Records, the foursome found more acclaim as they made their way onto the soundtrack for Paris Barclay and the Wayans’ brothers cult classic comedy film, Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood, with the Mr. Sexxx produced cut, “Renee.”

With two highly toted singles under their belts, the Lost Boyz released these records and more with their debut album, Legal Drug Money, in 1996. Reaching certified Gold status by the RIAA and peak position at number 6 on the Billboard 200 that same year, Legal Drug Money became an immediate hit for MC Mr. Cheeks, MC and promoter the late Freaky Tah, DJ Spigg Nice, and Pretty Lou.

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The fourth lead single from the Lost Boyz aforementioned debut, “Music Makes Me High,” with production from Mr. Sexxx and Charles Suitt, would go on to become Lost Boyz’ second most successful release from the album. Later, the track received official remix credentials from former Death Row and Ruthless Records’ producer L.T. Hutton, and features from both Canibus and Tha Dogg Pound’s Daz Dilinger and Kurupt. Now, the Lost Boyz’ featured MC Mr. Cheeks reprises the record once again with the release of “Music Makes Me High 2.”

Paying homage to the New York City Rap of the mid to late 90’s, and one of the Lost Boyz’ most recognized records, Mr. Cheeks enlists the assistance of Def Squad’s own, Keith Murray, for his latest release. Tackling a quintessential Boom Bap instrumental, Cheeks and Murray mob with purpose on the mic, proving that music is still “so therapeutic” to these long-time veterans, even after 25-plus years in the Hip-Hop game.

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Mr. Cheeks provides a little more of that East Coast braggadocio, highlighting that same 1996 swag and swinging it towards the fences for 2019.

“Paint the town with the top down / Breeze through the city with a pretty little thing next to me getting litty / Native New Yorker so my sh** gon’ pop / True definition of the word Hip-Hop / Yo the kid from Queens, but drop me off in Harlem / Every mutha f**** on my team is a problem / Smooth like Durant, pop off like Curry / Got the game on smash like LeBron why worry?”

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Keith Murray follows, pouring a little more fuel and adding a little more flame onto Mr. Cheeks’ Hip-Hop torch.

“Never ignorant, getting goals accomplished / Mr. Cheeks and Mr. Murray, that equals success / So this the type of Hip-Hop, to put you in a trance / Make you stop whatever you doing and do the Lost Boyz dance / Hip-Hop music makes the world go round / Even got gangstas crackin’ smiles (Word) / It’s a form of meditation, unwind and relax, you deserve it / Black kids act White, White kids act black / It musta been Hip-Hop that started all that.”